“ Roland.Spotlight ”

Whenever you play instruments or sing a song, you are given the chance to be connected to the world to step into the spotlight.

By joining the Roland.Spotlight community online, you can share your own unique musical moments and emotions, your happy musical accidents , the special ways you use your instruments, and your personal performances that make you proud.

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The video is recommended to be shorter than 5 minutes.

A scene straight out of the movies!

Invite your friends,
Hit record and have fun!
Create your own magical moments.

I love it!

Love to drum! Love to play! Love to sing!
Love the way music fills my soul.

My world

When I play, I’m in my own world.
My own space.
Let me share my world with you.

Take your music outside!

Beautiful sunsets; breath-taking buildings.
White sandy beaches; the shade of a magnificent tree.
The great outdoors is the best place to play.
Show us your favorite place to perform!

Secret tips?

I like finding new and unexpected ways to play instruments.
Let me show you how I use my gear!

Call me “ The Professor ”

I know this instrument like the back of my hand.
Watch what it can do!

More than a word

A word, put to a melody, becomes a musical story.
Share your stories with us.

Family groove!

Music brings us together!
If you’ve got a musical family, show us your family’s groove!

Playing for the first time

When a child plays an instrument for the first time,
And experiences the joy of playing,
It’s the beginning of a life-long journey with music.

How to enter

  • STEP1

    Your video on YouTube (compliant with YouTube Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.)

  • STEP2

    After getting consent from related persons/parties, i.e. cast and location, etc.

  • STEP3

    Enter through our website filling out the form.

  • STEP4

    Monthly highlights to be announced at the roland.spotlight.

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