Upgrade/Expansion Package for AT-800/AT-900/AT-900C


Expand Your MUSIC ATELIER with New Sounds, Styles, and Features

The head of the MUSIC ATELIER class gets a SuperNATURAL upgrade with the new ATUP-EX Expansion Package. Compatible with the AT-800 / AT-900 / AT-900C, the ATUP-EX kit adds ultra-realistic SuperNATURAL voices to the lineup of internal sounds, plus a high-quality pipe organ group from the Classic series. The upgrade also adds new onboard rhythms with enhanced drum sounds, expanded control features for the D-BEAM, volume-balance adjustment for each accompaniment part, new songs and styles, and much more.

Acclaimed SuperNATURAL Sounds

Experience a new level of expression with these incredibly authentic and natural instrument sounds. SuperNATURAL provides unsurpassed realism, and recreates the organic nuances of live acoustic performance. The upgrade also includes a new built-in song that showcases the SuperNATURAL voices (“Natural Jazz” by Ralf Schink).

Pipe Organ Voices from the Roland Classic Series

Gorgeous pipe organ voices sampled from churches and cathedrals around the world are now included, and the sounds have been designed to take advantage of the Quick Registration settings. There are two new built-in songs that showcase the expressive power of the pipe organ: “Pipe Sounds” by Hector Olivera and “Choral BWV731” by J.S. Bach.

Expanded D-BEAM Functionality

Additional functions and effects can now be controlled from the D-BEAM, such as Rotary Fast/Slow, Wheel Brake, Pitch Up, Modulation, Fill In, Break, and more. You can trigger percussion sounds from the D-BEAM as well, such as crash cymbal, concert cymbal, concert bass drum, church bell, gong, wind chime, and others.

New Music Styles

A new collection of music styles is included in the upgrade kit, covering a wide range of genres. Choose from dozens of newly created contemporary styles, including a lineup of “simple” styles, beautifully orchestrated with high-quality, realistic sounds. Play along with your favorite songs backed by realistic, live-feeling accompaniment.

BMP File Export for Organ Arrangement Score

This convenient feature for students, teachers, and songwriters lets you export your organ performances as arrangement scores (BMP images) via a USB drive. Simply record your original performance with the built-in recorder, and then view and print your score with an external computer and printer.

63 voices (Including 21 SuperNATURAL Voices and 15 Pipe Organ Voices)
50 rhythms x 4 variations
Arranger Function
Accomp Part Balance, Drum Set Mode
Music Assistant
50 titles x 4 variations (AT-900, AT-900C) 45 titles x 4 variations (AT-800)
One Touch Program
50 rhythms x 2 groups x 4 variations
Quick Registration
6 settings
Organ voices: Overdrive
Function: Manual Button Assign
Audio Recording: WAV (44.1 kHz, 16-bit Linear Format)
D-BEAM (function assignable), CD Writing, DigiScore BMP Export, MIDI Visual Control


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