Corporate Slogans • CEO Message

Roland’s Corporate Slogans

- Inspire the Enjoyment of Creativity
- Be the BEST rather than the BIGGEST
- Cooperative Enthusiasm for all Stakeholders

The underlying spirit of Roland’s unique corporate activities is embodied in the three slogans above. The basic spirit has not changed since the company’s founding.

CEO Message

Jun-ichi Miki,CEO and Representative Director

Jun-ichi Miki

“Creativity,” “Best,” and “Cooperative Enthusiasm” — the Roland Group’s corporate concept is embodied in the above three slogans.

In the modern society where people demand spiritual enrichment, music has come to play increasingly greater roles.
Joy of creating your original musical works; a sense of fulfillment that you feel when you play an instrument; having a happy time with your music friends - like these and many more, there are multiple ways of enjoying music. Our mission is to help as many people as possible experience such enjoyment, and help each of you find your best-fit ways of enjoying music.
To achieve this, we will make further efforts to develop even better musical instruments first and foremost, also focusing on creating more opportunities and places where you can enjoy music performance on the scene.

Roland has a great history of innovations accumulated in the field of electronic musical instruments.
Every time we opened a new door, another new future and possibility of music were waiting for us there.
That is all the more reason for us to commit ourselves to taking on new challenges also in the future, by leveraging our prominent technology and global business presence.

And above all, in order to continue being a company that can resonate with our customers, stakeholders around us, and many music fans around the world, Roland will always make best efforts in every aspect of our business activities.