Video Library


  • CD-2i Overview
  • Take a guide tour of the CD-2i SD/CD Recorder.
  • 2010/04/12
  • eBand JS-8 Demo Video
  • Take a guided tour of the eBand JS-8 Audio Player with Guitar Effects.
  • 2009/09/04
  • MV-8800 Production Studio Demonstration
  • Jim Stout shows you how to get free Bass Synth Patched from the Roland website, assign the MFX Bass Synth to a track and start sequencing, bounce your sequenced bass tracks to a stereo audio file.
  • 2007/10/10
  • R-09 Recording Examples
  • It’s ultra small and looks like a gadget, but make no mistake — the R-09 is a serious, top-quality professional recorder.
  • 2007/09/03

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