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  • RC-1
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  • 2014/12/09
  • OD-1X OverDrive — Sound Preview
  • The OD-1X delivers overdrive unlike any pedal ever made, with an all-new dimension of sound quality, clarity, and tonal range.
  • 2014/01/23
  • DS-1X Distortion — Demonstration
  • With the DS-1X, your distortion tone feels and sounds “dialed in” the instant you turn it on, providing a rich, satisfying playing experience that’s both effortless and inspiring.
  • 2014/01/23
  • OD-1X OverDrive — Demonstration
  • When playing through the OD-1X, the tone is so big, bold, and responsive that you’ll soon forget you’re plugged into a compact overdrive pedal.
  • 2014/01/23

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