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Drums & Percussion

  • Digital Percussion — Hybrid Sets
  • Learn the basics of building a hybrid set utilizing Roland's latest technology. See how to integrate electronics into your drum kit.
  • 2013/06/25
  • V-Drums World Championship 2 Digest
  • This is the 10min digest video of the V-Drums Contest International Final at Musiklokal Sudbahnhof in Frankfurt, Germany, with the 16 contestants' partial performance and award ceremony.
  • 2013/05/14
  • V-Drums Friend Jam Kids Demo
  • Free Roland V-Drums Software, Designed for Kids! With a fun, inviting interface and enjoyable play-along songs, V-Drums Friend Jam Kids encourages young V-Drums players to build skills at their own pace.
  • 2013/04/30
  • V-Drums Friend Jam performance with Craig Blundell
  • New ways to enjoy your practice time on your V-Drums! You can download practice songs for free via the Internet. Share your workout record on Twitter and compete with drummers all over the world.
  • 2013/03/21
  • Phrase Play — OCTAPAD SPD-30 Version 2
  • This video shows how to use the Phrase Play of the OCTAPAD SPD-30 Version 2, with the preset kit of Drum Kits sounds library, performed by Johnny Rabb.
  • 2013/01/18

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