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  • HP204 Digital Piano Introduction
  • The HP204 features Roland’s finest 88-key piano sound, featuring true-to-life piano resonance and individual multisamples for every key.
  • 2007/11/27
  • HP207e Digital Piano Introduction
  • The flagship HP207e offers an exquisite 88-key multi-sampled piano sound under the control of Roland’s new PHA II “Ivory Feel” keyboard with Escapement, along with key touch adjustable to 100 levels.
  • 2007/11/27
  • RD-700SX Demonstration
  • Equipped with the most authentic and expressive multi-sampled grands to ever adorn a stage piano, the RD-700SX represents the pinnacle of digital stage-piano design and performance.
  • 2007/09/03
  • E-09 Interactive Arranger Demonstration by Ralf Schink
  • Its price might say “low end,” but the E-09’s sounds and styles are nothing but first class. Building on the success of Roland’s popular E-series arrangers, the E-09 ushers in a brand-new look, feel, and sound for the family.
  • 2007/08/06
  • Why A Roland Piano?
  • Learn about the history, technology and quality of Roland digital pianos.
  • 2007/08/01

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