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  • F-120 Digital Piano: Performed by Maiko Sekitoh
  • Roland’s acclaimed SuperNATURAL Piano engine is onboard, providing the ultimate piano sound and response, and the Ivory Feel-G keyboard offers a supreme touch that looks and feels like a true grand.
  • 2012/01/20
  • RD-700NX Synthesizer capability demo by John Maul
  • The RD-700NX is known for professional stage piano, however RD-700NX offers powerful synthesizer functionality with flexible real-time control featuring pedals and sliders. You can create you own setup and store as "Live Set".
  • 2012/01/13
  • FP-4F Digital Piano Overview
  • This multifaceted piano, with its unique skill-building features, is equally geared for interactive practice and high-quality performance.
  • 2011/04/06
  • VIMA JM-5 Overview
  • In homes, hotels, lounges, or any entertainment venue, the new VIMA JM-5 is the premiere all-in-one entertainment station. With its high-quality sound engine, the VIMA JM-5 can play and manipulate any file you feed it.
  • 2011/01/14
  • BK-7m Backing Module Overview
  • Add a world-class backing band to your show with the new BK-7m, a state-of-the-art module that packs an interactive band into a sleek, slim package.
  • 2011/01/14
  • What's SuperNATURAL Piano?
  • Take an in-depth look at the technology behind Roland's amazing SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine.
  • 2010/03/24

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