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  • JUPITER Synth Legends Trailer
  • This collection honors Roland's historic synthesizer past with representations of seven legendary instruments from the 1980s.
  • 2012/09/07
  • INTEGRA-7: Motional Surround
  • Motional Surround — derived from Roland’s proprietary RSS (Roland Sound Space) technology — lets you control not only the left/right panning of sounds, but also their depth, even placing them behind you!
  • 2012/08/31
  • JUPITER-50 Live Set Sound Examples
  • The JUPITER-50 is packed with over 1,500 SuperNATURAL synthesizer tones, plus over 70 SuperNATURAL acoustic instruments, each with its own dedicated sound engine.
  • 2012/08/30
  • JUPITER-80 Demonstration: Bernie Smith (Take That)
  • Bernie Smith is not your average session musician. Being the synth and piano man for acts like Annie Lennox and Take That need a special kind of musician. It's a good job that his Jupiter 80 is not your average synth.
  • 2012/08/23
  • JUPITER-50 Synthesizer: Performance by Scott Tibbs
  • The JUPITER-50's built-in audio recorder/player lets you performances instantly to USB memory. By pre-loading a USB stick with WAV, AIFF, and/or MP3 files, you can use them as live backing tracks onstage and control them from the JUPITER-50.
  • 2012/04/06

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