SRX Series Wave Expansion Board Sound Preview

Check out the sounds of Roland's Wave Expansion Board SRX series! Which of these 12 SRX expansion boards will complete your digital studio? From stunning grand pianos and orchestral string sections to vintage synths, world instruments, drum kits, and electronic textures and loops, SRX has something for every genre.

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SRX-01 "Dynamic Drum Kits"

8 preview sounds from 79 Rhythm Sets and 41 Patches

The SRX-01 Dynamic Drum Kits is loaded with the finest acoustic drum sounds ever assembled. Painstakingly sampled and edited in world-class studios, these vintage and modern kits can be layered and played in stereo with the most delicate of nuances.

* Patch 51–105 only available on Fantom-X series, Fantom-S series, and JUNO-G.