Hello, and welcome to the exciting world of Lucina! In this special lesson movie, we'll give you an easy introduction to playing synth sounds. With Lucina, you no longer need to be intimidated by synthesizers.

Lucina makes it easy to create and play your own synth sounds.
Controller and bar operations are actually very simple once you get the hang of it.
We'll walk you through the simple steps of how to deliver dynamic performances that are only possible with synths.
So strap the compact Lucina over your shoulder and start playing!

MP3 Backing Tracks

It's even more fun playing violin, poly synth, and solo synth sounds.
Get your MP3 backing track!

Decompress the downloaded file and copy the audio files
onto a USB memory stick.
See page 15 of your Lucina User's Manual on how to
connect a USB memory stick to Lucina and play back the files.

Sample performance movies

These movies show you sample performances of exercises in the Lesson Book.

Front view movies

Player's perspective movies