Product Feature
Geoffrey Downes
“The main reason the JUNO-G surprised
me is the sound quality. In particular, the
piano and string sounds are incredible! All
this technology being available in a
reasonably priced package was also a
nice surprise.”
I like the way that Roland does these
updated versions of previous synths.
Recognizing what people like about the old
stuff, and then making a new, modern
Mike Schmid (Keyboard Player for Miley Cyrus)
I really loved having the Juno-D on the
road. Now the Juno-Di takes everything to
the next level with the USB Song Player
and it runs on batteries which is the
coolest thing!
Shiny Toy Guns
We have favorite sounds that we can't find
in any other keyboard. That's why we play
the Juno's.
More to come ...
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