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  The “studio” mode is where you can make use of all the massive Fantom-G features together: it gives you 16 internal parts and up to 22 effects processors simultaneously. There are also two ARX expansion slots that can add other parts with their own polyphony and effects. And if that’s still not enough, you can record anything you hear as audio and free up the sound engine, and do it again and again. Yes, you guessed right: the possibilities are truly endless.  
More effects
  Some of the extra power you get in studio mode is two MFX processors in addition to the 16 PFX processors. Any of the parts can be routed into an MFX effect from its PFX output, so you can have a patch routed into up to 4 effects simultaneously, including the global chorus/delay and reverb processors.

Super Filter PFX and Lo-Fi Compressor MFX
Here is an example of a drum loop which is routed through a fat Super Filter in the PFX processor and then goes into a LoFi Compressor in the MFX.

Play EX. 3-2-1 (392KB)

Hexa Chorus and Super Filter
This is an electric piano patch which first goes into a lush Hexa Chorus effect and then into a sweeping Super Filter.

Play EX. 3-2-2 (356KB)

Live input
  The Fantom-G features audio inputs which allow you to connect almost any sound source into it - like a guitar, a microphone, an audio player or even another synthesizer. Not only you can sample them or record into audio tracks, but you can also apply MFX effects in real-time. This opens up many possibilities, some of which you will explore now.

High-pass to Low-pass Filter
The first example is processing whole music tracks with Fantom-G’s filters, and the Super Filter simply excels at that. First you hear it in high-pass filter mode, then in low-pass.

Play EX. 3-3-1 (696KB)

Electric Guitar riff
Now let’s see what’s possible to do with an electric guitar. Here is the original riff.

Play EX. 3-3-1 (232KB)

Hexa Chorus for Guitar Increasing Chorus Depth and Pan Spread
We can use the Hexa Chorus for a really lush and thick chorus guitar sound. The chorus depth and pan spread are slowly increased as the guitar plays.

Play EX. 3-3-2 (464KB)

Phaser for Guitar
But probably the most interesting effect you can use on a guitar is the Infinite Phaser which can go from amazingly warm sweeps into crazy cosmic bubbles if you control its speed in realtime.

Play EX .3-3-3 (472KB)

Harder Guitar riff
This is another, harder guitar riff that is meant to go into a distortion processor.

Play EX. 3-3-3 (212KB)

Guitar Amp Simulator
The Fantom-G features a Guitar Amp Simulator effect which includes realistic models of real-world guitar amps and distortion pedals (in fact, the very same models you’ll find in BOSS guitar multi-effect processors). There are many options to adjust the parameters of each model which give great flexibility, and the sound is no less great. Hear what the amp simulator can do with its OD-2 TURBO model.

Play EX. 3-3-4 (208KB)

Rock Guitar with DISTORTION in real-time while playing sequencer
With the DISTORTION model, the amp simulator gives a really huge, storming rock guitar sound. Note that all this is happening in realtime, and you can process the guitar sound through the Fantom-G even while the sequencer is playing.

Play EX.3-3-5 (208KB)

External processing
  The flexibility of the Fantom-G doesn’t end with processing external sources using the MFX. On the back you also have two dedicated audio outputs which allow us to route any internal sounds into an external device, like an effects processor or another synth which can process audio. Moreover, you can route the sound back into the Fantom-G for recording or even further processing with MFX, which again shows its vast flexibility.

External BOSS OD-3 Over Drive pedal
OD-3In this demo, a clean guitar patch from the Fantom-G is being processed through the BOSS OD-3 Over Drive pedal. Notice how fresh and “in your face” the sound is, and how well the guitar feedback is simulated with filter resonance going up at the very end.

Play EX. 3-4-2 (368KB)

External BOSS MT-2 Metal Zone pedal
MT-2And here is a classic trick for making a cutting-through acid sound: a bassline going through the BOSS MT-2 Metal Zone pedal. The filter cutoff and envelope attack are controlled with Fantom-G’s multi-function sliders while in the main single mode screen.

Play EX. 3-4-1 (340KB)

Maxed out
  Last but definitely not least, let’s give a listen to a short track made using about 10 parts in the studio mode. Here we have 2 sample sets, one rhythm kit, 5 instrument patches and 2 sound effect patches.

Short Track Made Using about 10 Parts
This demo shows well how just a few sounds can be used to create a very full-sounding yet transparent mix - all courtesy of the newly-developed sound chip in the Fantom-G.

Play EX. 3-1-1 (1.8MB)
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