FG Connects Live Project for Roland Fantom-G

Hundreds of New Patches, Live Sets and More!

Roland is proud to announce availability of the new FG Connects Live update. Made exclusively for the Fantom-G Series Workstations, this free download emphasizes the powerful live performance potential of the Fantom-G, adding new patches, live sets, rhythm patterns, and more.

FG Connects Live Update Includes:

  • Hundreds of new dance, pop and hip-hop oriented patches
  • New orchestral sounds including all type of strings, woodwinds and brass
  • New Live Sets focusing on dance, electronic pop, R&B and hip-hop
  • Hundreds of new unique RPS motion phrases
  • New contemporary rhythm pattern sets and kits
  • New arpeggiation phrases
  • File utility function added for sharing content between projects

New Unique Motion Phrases!

Designed with contemporary dance, pop and hip-hop musicians in mind, the new FG Connects Live project adds hundreds of unique tempo-synced phrases to create instant motion and texture to any sound. Using the Fantom-G’s 16 dynamic pads, players can experiment with adding combinations of filter effects, panning, cutoff, and gating to their sounds. This enables performers all kinds of possibilities for controlling multiple motions while simultaneously playing the keyboard, thus inspiring remxing and sound manipulation both live and in the studio.

With FG Connects Live, these unique motion phrases are preset in over 50 RPS sets which are organized in over 200 Live Sets, that can be recalled instantly in the Fantom-G’s Live Mode. Combining these elements with temp-synced motion phrases, adds a new exciting element to the vast live performance experience that the Fantom-G Workstations are known for by players around the world.

Five New Self-Running Audio Demos!

There are five self-running audio demos included as part of the update. These can be easily accessed via the Fantom-G’s Favorites Mode. The new audio demos include the following:

  • Live Demo provides an overview of the Fantom-G’s features, functionality and new FG Connects Live possibilities.
  • The Skip Sampling Overview and Tutorial demonstrates the power of the Fantom-G’s Skip-Back Sampling and its unique possibilities for capturing ideas in CD quality audio.
  • Individual audio demos of the ARX-01 Drum, ARX-02 Electric Piano and ARX-03 Brass SuperNATURAL Expansion Boards.

Easy to Update!

To update your Fantom-G, go to the Downloads Page and download Version 1.50. The update is easy to perform. For more information on the FG Connects Live update, check out the overview video below!

Here’s What Artists Are Saying About the Fantom-G:

Jason Freese

Jason Freese

Keyboardist - Green Day

“I use the Roland Fantom-G8 as my main workhorse every night on stage with Green Day, and life just got a lot sweeter with all of the new sounds and features of the FG Connects Live update that Roland has created. Everything you need, plus more. Roland just took it up another level with the new Fantom-G8 ‘Live’ mode update! The new sounds and features are mind blowing and inspiring. It’s a must have for studio work or playing live!”

Jetro Da Silva

Jetro Da Silva

Keyboardist - Whitney Houston 2010 World Tour

“The Fantom-G is a powerful instrument that contains all the necessary tools and qualities to create and perform wonderful music. For Whitney Houston’s 2010 world tour, the Fantom-G plays the role of sampler, sample player, synth and workstation, giving me absolute power to deliver whatever the music calls for. The large color screen is great, and the editing features are very user friendly.”

Brockett Parsons

Brockett Parsons

Keyboardist - Lady Gaga Monster Tour

“From the get-go of Lady Gaga’s momentous Monster Tour, Fantom-G Workstations have powered the sound with their exceptional sonic capability and versatility.”

Adam Young

Adam Young

Owl City

“I love being alive to see what sorts of incredible things Roland comes up with. I’m a big synth guy and I’m constantly amazed at the quality of their keyboards and the natural sound of their patches. I never have to work very hard on a patch to make it sound incredible.”

Check more Artist comments in Artists page.
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