String Quartet: Advanced Mixing Using SONAR X2 Producer

SONAR X2 Producer—the top of the SONAR line—features a wide range of professional-quality effects, allowing you to achieve results equivalent to commercial CDs.

Here, I’m working with the same string quartet recording as before, but I’m using many of the effects available in SONAR X2 Producer to enhance the sound.

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My goal was simply to enhance the already great sound quality of the original R-26 recordings, avoiding too much equalization and compression. As with the string quartet mix in SONAR X1 LE, I wanted to make sure all the instruments are heard clearly, and I added some reverb for additional ambience. I also inserted multiple effects on the MASTER bus to bring the audio to CD level.
Mixing with SONAR X2 Producer
• Volume Balance
Track 1 (XY): 0.0 dB
Track 2 (OMNI): -2.0 dB

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• Effect Settings
Equalizer—I inserted the ProChannel on both Track 1 and Track 2. Next, I used ProChannel’s powerful EQ to identify the LO MID frequencies of the quartet’s cello with pinpoint accuracy. Once I dialed in the correct frequencies, I cut -2.0 dB on Track 1 and -18 dB on Track 2.

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Reverb—I used SEND controls to route the MIX bus to a Sonitus: reverb, using settings that simulate a concert hall.
Compressor—ProChannel’s “4K” compressor type was used to subtly control the dynamics of both tracks.
MASTER Effects

The LP-64 EQUALIZER was used to adjust the overall tonality.

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Next is the TL-64 Tube Leveler, used to limit peaks and add a subtle analog warmth to the sound.

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Finally, the BOOST 11 PEAK LIMITER was employed to maximize the sound and bring it up to the average level of a commercial CD.
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Mixing Results
Listen to the following tracks to compare the sound before and after mixing in SONAR X2 PRODUCER.
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String Quartet
String Quartet: Advanced Mixing Using SONAR X2 Producer
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