Acoustic Guitar

To highlight the guitar’s body resonance, I emphasized Track 2 (OMNI).

In addition, I used a short reverb to add some natural sound reflections.
Mixing with SONAR X1 LE
• Volume Balance
Track 1 (XY): -6.0 dB
Track 2 (OMNI): 0.0 dB

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• Effect Settings
Reverb—Added -10 dB using the SEND controls on the MIX bus. The DECAY TIME is set to approximately 1.1 seconds.

Mixing Results
Listen to the following tracks to compare the sound before and after mixing in SONAR X1 LE.
Mixing Techniques for Various Musical Instruments
Acoustic Piano
Acoustic Guitar
Ensemble (Shakuhachi, Guitar, Percussion)
String Quartet
String Quartet: Advanced Mixing Using SONAR X2 Producer
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