For Vocal Practice
If you’re a lead vocalist in a band, use the CD-2u/SD-2u as your practice accompaniment, trainer, mixer, and more. When you're singing, it's hard to evaluate your voice objectively, because the vibration of your vocal cords reaches your ears through bone conduction. Because of this, it's important to record your voice to listen objectively. When you can't practice with your group, let the CD-2u/SD-2u act as your accompaniment.
Using the CD-2u/SD-2u for personal practice and lessons
Audio Example
Audio Example
Create a minus-one track.
It's easy to create a minus-one track of the music you'll be performing – just import the song into the CD-2u/SD-2u, and then press the Center Cancel button to reduce the volume of the vocal in the center of the stereo image. From the three cancellation types, choose the one that gives the most effective result and save it as a new song.
Audio Example
Audio Example
Change the key.
If the song's key doesn't match your vocal range, you can transpose it using the Key Change function. You can adjust the pitch over a range of 12 half-steps up or down without changing the tempo or the sound quality, and save the result as a new song to be your accompaniment partner!
Overdubbing your voice with music.
Sing and record along with the minus-one accompaniment in your preferred key, and then listen back to check your performance objectively and hear where you need improvement. Through repetition of recording and listening, you develop your sense of pitch and rhythm in a natural, progressive way. For a quality recording, adjust the recording level using the Rehearsal function, and then record along with the minus-one accompaniment.
Burn your performance to CD (CD-2u only).
After you’re satisfied with your recording, you can easily burn it to CD simply by following the easy instructions on the display. Share the CDs with your family or friends, and also send them out for auditions! Teachers can also record lessons and provide CDs or WAV files for their students to practice with.
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