For Strings Practice
Instruments in the string family produce sounds with string vibrations created with a bow or fingers. This sound resonates in the body of the instrument, producing the tone. A violin or viola is supported by a player's jaw and shoulder; this puts the instrument very close to the ear, so the player's impression of the sound differs from that of the audience. With the CD-2u/SD-2u, players can record their instrument from the audience perspective to listen objectively and improve their skills.

When practicing with a chamber group like a string quartet—two violins, viola, and cello—it's important for the musicians to achieve the correct blend when playing together. With the CD-2u/SD-2u, musicians can check both the precision of their individual performances and the overall balance of all the instruments together.
Tips for recording: Violin
To capture a well-balanced sound, it's important to place the CD-2u/SD-2u approximately two to three meters away from the player, at the same height as the instrument. To capture more of the rich tone derived from body resonance, it's effective to point the stereo mic in the CD-2u/SD-2u toward the violin's f-hole from an even higher position.

If you want to more carefully analyze your practice, place the CD-2u/SD-2u approximately one meter away, which makes it easier to hear phrasing and bowing techniques.
Tips for recording: String Quartet
To record a small ensemble such as a string quartet, it's essential to capture a well-balanced image of the entire group. Place the CD-2u/SD-2u three to four meters away from the center of the group, at a height that is evenly balanced among all the instruments.
Using the CD-2u/SD-2u for personal practice and lessons
Record rehearsals and listen back instantly.
It's hard to evaluate individual performances while students play in an ensemble, so it's necessary to record practices and carefully analyze different performances with multiple listenings.

The built-in stereo mic in the CD-2u/SD-2u is mounted at the optimal position to capture natural imaging, so you can record a true stereo sound clearly and distinctly by positioning the CD-2u/SD-2u toward the center of the ensemble. The onboard stereo speaker system reproduces the full range of tones, allowing your students to hear an accurate representation of their performance as they listen back.
Use the remote control to record and play back sounds without leaving your seat.
The CD-2u/SD-2u comes with a convenient remote control that lets you easily operate key functions from a distance. The user interface of the remote is as simple to use as the main unit, so you can record, adjust levels, and play back recordings easily without disturbing your focus on practice.
Use your favorite mics with phantom power.
In order to record at the finest quality, it's necessary to choose optimal microphones and position them for the hall size, resonance of the room, and size of the band.

With the XLR/TRS jacks and phantom power, you can record with two external condenser mics like a studio pro. A jack for a stereo mic with Plug-In Power is available as well. Using the built-in stereo mic or external mics, you're able to capture a wide-range of sounds with professional results.
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