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When you teach a large ensemble like a concert band, developing the skills of each player is important, but perfecting the sound of the entire group is the ultimate goal. However, the players cannot hear the entire band from their respective seats in the same way that the conductor and audience hears the band. They hear mostly their own instrument and surrounding players, making it difficult to properly adjust their playing dynamics.

With the CD-2u/SD-2u, you can record rehearsals and play them back immediately, so students can hear their performances objectively, identify difficulties, and improve for the next rehearsal. In addition, if you use external mics placed to suit the performance space, you can capture high-quality recordings that accurately represent what the audience hears.
Tips for recording: Concert Band
When you record a large ensemble such as a concert band, you want to capture a well-balanced representation of the entire group. To accomplish this, it's recommended to place the CD-2u/SD-2u in the center near the conductor.

When you place the recorder at the same height as the instruments, the sound of the front rows will be emphasized. To achieve a better balance, raise the recorder as high as possible. Using external microphones on stands can help with this.

Halls designed for music are constructed to reflect sounds in a natural way that compliments the music beautifully. You can capture more of the powerful hall ambience by placing the CD-2u/SD-2u farther away from the group, even somewhere deep in the hall. Adjust the amount of natural ambience by moving the CD-2u/SD-2u closer or farther away, and adjust the brightness of the sound by raising or lowering the recorder.
Using the CD-2u/SD-2u for personal practice and lessons
Record rehearsals and listen back instantly.
It's hard to evaluate your individual performance while playing in the ensemble. The CD-2u/SD-2u lets you play back your performance right after you record it, so you can hear the results immediately and identify areas for improvement. With the included remote control, you can easily operate the recorder from a distance.

By hearing the entire ensemble objectively, your listening skills for unison, harmony, and tempo will improve. Share your recordings with other members so your entire group can enjoy steady progress.
Use your favorite mics with phantom power.
Via the XLR/TRS combo jacks and Plug-In Power jack, you can connect various external mics to the CD-2u/SD-2u. The two XLR jacks support phantom power for professional condenser microphones; condenser mics are ideal for recording a concert band, because they capture the full range of sound, with every subtle nuance and expression of the performances coming through clearly.
Stereo Microphone CS-15R
Record everywhere with battery power.
In addition to AC power, the CD-2u/SD-2u supports battery-powered operation. This lets you use the recorder anywhere, including outdoor spaces and backstage rehearsal rooms. With six AA-size alkaline batteries, you can record up to 5.5 hours, and up to 6 hours with rechargeable Ni-MH batteries.
Note: When using the CD-2u with battery power, only SD playback and recording are available. The included AC adaptor is required for all CD drive functions.
When your ensemble has to select a solo player or chair, use the CD-2u/SD-2u for impartial auditions. With a pre-recorded minus-one or accompaniment track, students can operate the CD-2u/SD-2u and make a sound-on-sound recording of their solo or audition material for later blind evaluation by an instructor or panel.
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