Tips for using SD/CD recorders for practice
To improve skills in music performance, language study, or dance, productive practice and focused repetition are essential. The CD-2u and SD-2u are packed with powerful features to support private lessons, individual practice, and group rehearsals. It’s never been easier to make great recordings, evaluate performances, interact with commercial CDs or WAV files, increase independent learning, and more!

The CD-2u/SD-2u lets you quickly record and play back with high-quality sound, so you can hear progress immediately, enhance your productivity, and inspire creativity. In this series of tips, we’ll introduce you to many CD-2u/SD-2u applications for enjoyable and effective practice of musical instruments, voice, languages, and dance.
Highly acclaimed by teachers for its sound quality and results.
Using the CD-2u/SD-2u in Various Applications
For Piano Practice
For Guitar Practice
For Strings Practice
For Brass Band Practice
For Chorus Practice
For Vocal Practice
For Dance Lessons
For Language Lessons
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