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Played either with fingers or a pick, the acoustic guitar is a popular, versatile instrument you can enjoy everywhere. Both solo and in ensembles, it can be used to play nearly any musical style, from classical to pop.

The key to steady progress is the same as with other instruments—practicing hard and listening to your performances objectively. Using the CD-2u/SD-2u, you can not only record and check your progress, but also enhance your enjoyment by playing and learning your favorite songs or phrases by ear from commercial CDs and WAV audio files.
Tips for recording: Guitar
The sound created by the acoustic guitar is a combination of high tones from the strings and middle/low tones produced by the body as it resonates along with the strings' vibration.

At first, place the CD-2u/SD-2u at the same height as the guitar's sound hole at a distance of about 50 cm. Move the recorder farther away to capture more rich resonance and room sound, or move it closer to capture the direct sounds of the guitar.

The direction of the onboard microphone pair is also important. You'll capture sounds with more middle and low emphasis when the mics are pointed toward the sound hole, and clearer sounds with more string tone when the mics are pointed toward the neck. The sound captured also depends on your style of playing. Adjust the recorder's position as you play and listen to find the sound you like best.

To capture great recordings, be careful not to move the instrument much as you play. When the distance between an instrument and the mics varies, the sounds captured in the recording vary as well, with differences in tone and volume. By keeping the distance between the instrument and mics consistent, you will achieve the best results.
Using the CD-2u/SD-2u for personal practice and lessons
Audio Example
Audio Example
Learn by ear with Center Focus.
When listening to a commercial recording, it's sometimes hard to hear a favorite guitar solo clearly because it's masked by the sound of other instruments. The Center Focus function in the CD-2u/SD-2u helps you hear the sound better by reducing the level of the accompaniment and highlighting the lead instrument, letting you easily learn the guitar solo by ear. Additionally, the A-B Repeat function lets you play back a specific audio section over and over again, allowing you to hear and practice it repeatedly.
Audio Example
Audio Example
Master difficult passages by slowing them down.
Fast guitar solos played with advanced, difficult techniques are much easier to learn and practice at a reduced tempo. With the CD-2u/SD-2u, you can change the tempo from 50 to 200 percent of the original without changing the pitch or sound quality. Start by learning detailed passages by ear at half tempo, and then gradually increase the speed to build your proficiency. With the A-B Repeat function, you can develop your accuracy through repetition.
Audio Example
Audio Example
Jam with your favorite songs.
To jam along with music from your favorite groups, turn on Center Cancel. This function reduces the volume of the instrument in the center of the stereo image, allowing you to create a guitar minus-one track and play the part yourself!
Input jacks for connecting a variety or instruments and devices.
With XLR/TRS combo, Plug In, and Line In jacks on the CD-2u/SD-2u, you can plug in external mics and/or nearly any electronic instrument. If your acoustic guitar has a built-in pickup, you can connect it directly, and even record it with your favorite mics too. You can also connect a music player to provide accompaniment, overdub your performance, and record the mix.
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