For Chorus Practice
The key to harmonizing in a choir is thinking and singing in tune while listening to other voices in the group. Perfecting the sound of the ensemble is more important than developing each vocalist's skills. Recording performances and listening back for instant review with your group helps for fast improvement.

With CD-2u/SD-2u recordings, you can check not only the pitch and rhythm, but also the balance and harmony of the ensemble. By listening objectively, students can recognize their role in the choir, learn by ear, and steadily progress.
Tips for recording: Choir
To record the live sound of the choir, it’s important to capture the blended sounds of the voices along with the natural ambience of the hall or room. When using the built-in stereo mic, place the CD-2u/SD-2u near the conductor and adjust the distance between the choir and recorder to fine-tune the balance between the voices and ambience of the room. That’s all it takes for recording natural stereo sound with the CD-2u/SD-2u.

A good height for the recorder is generally between the waist and chest of the conductor. You’ll capture clearer tones when you elevate the recorder higher, and a softer sound when you place the recorder lower. In order to check harmony during your rehearsal, it’s recommended to place the recorder at a high position for a clearer sound.
Using the CD-2u/SD-2u for personal practice and lessons

Practice with music on CDs.
When you play a music CD, the Center Cancel function reduces the volume of a vocal in the center of the stereo image, allowing you to create a simple karaoke track from a favorite score for practicing. This is useful for both ensemble and solo practice.

In addition, the Key Change function lets you change the pitch or key of the songs freely without changing the speed. You can make adjustments in one-cent or half-step increments, over a range of 12 half-steps up or down. This is an essential function for voice lessons.
CD burning without a computer.
The CD-2u comes with a built-in CD drive, so you can burn custom CDs easily without a PC. You can share rehearsal CDs with group members—including songs adjusted with Center Cancel and/or Key Change—and burn recordings of performances and recitals immediately to distribute to your group. Additionally, you can use the CD-2u as a CD player when the piano accompanist is not available.
Practice with the correct rhythm.
If the teacher or the conductor is absent, use the built-in metronome in the CD-2u/SD-2u to practice at the proper tempo to build good rhythm. You can adjust the tempo intuitively simply by tapping a front-panel button.
Use your favorite mics with phantom power.
Via the XLR/TRS combo jacks and Plug-In Power jack, you can connect various external mics to the CD-2u/SD-2u. The two XLR jacks support phantom power for professional condenser microphones; condenser mics are excellent for recording a choir, because they capture sound with a high level of detail.
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