Professional Audio products
Professional Video products
REAC Products
Digital Consoles
O.H.R.C.A M-5000 Live Mixing Console

V-Mixer M-480 Live Mixing Console

V-Mixer M-300 Live Mixing Console

V-Mixer M-200i Live Mixing Console

Digital Snakes
S-0808 8x8 I/O Unit

S-4000M REAC Merge Unit

S-2416 24x16 Stage Unit

S-1608 16x8 Stage Unit

S-0816 8x16 Front of House Unit

S-4000S-3208 32x8 Modular Stage Unit

S-4000S-0832 8x32 Modular Stage Unit

S-4000S-MR Modular Stage Unit

S-4000H 8x32 Front of House Unit

S-4000RCS Remote Control Software for S-4000 or S-1608

SO-AES4 4-Channel Digital Output Module

SI-AES4 4-Channel Digital Input Module

SI-AD4 4-Channel Analog Input Module

SO-AD4 4-Channel Analog Output Module

S-4000R Digital Snake Remote Control

SC-W20F 20m Ethercon Ca5e Cable

SC-W100S 100m Ethercon Cat5e Cable

W100S-R 100m Ethercon Cat5e cable on reel

Personal Mixers
M-48 Live Personal Mixer

S-4000D REAC Splitter Equipped with Enbedded Power

APC-33 All Purpose Clamp


R-1000 48-Track Recorder/Player

S-RDK Roland REAC Driver Kit

Audio Recorders
The industry standard for reliable, high quality audio playback

The new AR-3000SD provides new advanced sound quality and features with expanded compatibility that includes programmable timers, network efficiency, support for multiple playback and control formats, plus support for high quality audio formats up to 24-bit and 96 kHz.

AR-3000SD Audio Recorder

AR-200R Audio Recorder

Field Recording
Field Recorders enable the capturing of high quality digital video and sound anytime, anywhere. Multiple power options and large capacity recording time provide worry-free operation. The Roland Field recorders provide a unique combination of value and performance.

R-88 8-Channel Recorder and Mixer (Audio)

R-44 4-Channel Portable Recorder (Audio)

R-26 Portable Recorder (Audio)

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