About the Protection of Personal Information

Roland Corporation and its group companies (hereinafter referred collectively to as "We") may ask you to register your personal information, including your name, address, telephone number, and email address, when conducting online surveys, distributing email newsletters, and inviting applications for events, and we recognize that it is our social responsibility to protect such information.

Our protection of personal information is based on the following principles.

1. We use it only for the stated purposes

We use it always within the range of purposes that we state to you in advance. When we need to use it beyond the range of the stated purposes, we will inform you of the new purposes in advance. If you cannot agree to the new purposes, you can deny permission for us to use your personal information.

2. We shall not disclose it to third parties
We shall not disclose the personal information you submit to us to any third parties excluding the following cases.

  • When you agree to it
  • When we disclose it under conditions where you cannot be identified
  • When we, under a strict management, disclose it to such companies as those with which we in advance have an agreement to delegate the task of processing personal information
  • When it is considered to be appropriate that a related company or distributor responds to your inquiry
  • When we are required to disclose or provide it based on a law or regulation
  • When disclosure is needed to protect human lives or bodies or assets, and it is difficult to obtain your consent
  • When we need to cooperate with national or local governments in their official duties and obtaining your consent may affect the execution of the work
3. We may share it
We may share your personal information with any of the following group companies
Personal-information items to be shared Your name, address, telephone number, fax number, email address, ID number we issue, product you have registered, etc.
Parties who can share it BOSS Corporation
Purposes of usage by those parties
  • Providing information via email, direct mail, etc.
  • Request for responding to surveys

  • 4. Information provided on your work for a competition we organize will be strictly managed until the judgment is completed. Also, after the competition is finished, we will store/destroy it in a secure way.

    *The attribution of copyright to the winning works differs among competitions. For details, please refer to the outline of each competition. Even for a competition where the copyright to winning works is owned by our company (Roland and its group companies), the producer of the work will be allowed to use it after the competition based on a license agreement with us.

    5. About cookies

    A “cookie” is a small piece of data transmitted from a web server and stored on your computer. Although our web server can identify your computer by using a cookie, this allows you to efficiently access our web pages, and we shall not use it for any other purposes.

    You can reject allowing cookies to be stored on your computer via a browser setting, but in that case, the functions of our website may be partially limited for you.

    6. About access logs

    Our website records information on the people who have accessed it in an access log.

    The access log includes the IP address, domain name, browser, access date/time, etc., of those people. We shall never use access logs for the purpose of collecting personal information nor basically using it by linking it with information identifying an individual.

    When we use access logs by linking it to your personal information for other purposes than as stated below, we will always state the purpose of use to you in advance for each service.

    • Responding to inquiries that occur when you use our services
    • Creating statistical data, which do not identify individuals
    7. Tracking System

    A tracking system based on the use of third-party cookies is employed in parts of the Roland's web sites to gather anonymous statistical information which is not linked to specific personal information.

    We recommend that you regularly check our online Policies on the Protection of Personal Information because we may modify the policies in order to further enhance our protection of personal information or in accordance with changes to laws or regulations.

    *When you want to check your own personal information or submit an inquiry about this page, please contact us here.

    Please read the Policies on the Protection of Personal Information as well.