24TR/96kHz/24-bit Digital Studio Workstation

24-track Recording and CD Burning for Everyone.

  • External VGA Output
  • V-LINK
  • COSM

24-track Recording and CD Burning for Everyone.

The VS-2400CD Digital Studio Workstation brings professional 24-track recording and CD burning to a new low price. This compact recording workstation inherits many features from the flagship VS-2480CD-like premium analog components, motorized faders and powerful software control- while adding new features of its own such as RSS 3-D panning and V-LINK for integrating Edirol video products. Onboard effects and an internal CD drive let you mix, master and burn like a pro.

  • - Self-contained 24-track/24-bit/96kHz recording workstation with onboard effects, CD-RW drive and 40GB hard disk
  • - 24-track playback; up to 16-track simultaneous recording with 384 V-Tracks *
  • - 48-channel, fully automated digital mixer with 13 motorized faders
  • - VGA Monitor output for fast, software-style editing with mouse
  • - Intuitive drag-and-drop editing via included mouse and optional ASCII keyboard
  • - New RSS 3-D panning creates a 3-Dimensional sound field for mixing
  • - V-LINK function for synchronizing or controlling video equipment
  • - Premium analog components including 8 XLR/balanced TRS inputs and Hi-Z input
  • - Import .WAV/AIFF files direct from CD-ROM; export files in .WAV format
  • - 2 stereo effects (expandable to 4 stereo,8 mono) including COSM Mic, Speaker andGuitar Amp Modeling, plus Mastering Tool Kit
  • - 8-channel R-BUS port for expandable I/O in a variety of analog/digital formats
  • * 16-track simultaneous recording requires optional 8-channel R-BUS device.

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When 16 Tracks Aren't Enough…

Let's face it: 16 tracks are great, but 24 tracks are even better. With the VS 2400CD, you can record and play back up to 24 tracks in pristine 24-bit sound. That's enough room for an individually miked drum set, along with guitar, bass and plenty of vocals. And with 384 Virtual Tracks, you'll never have to settle for just one take. And for those who want the ultimate in sound quality, the VS 2400CD supports multitrack recording at 96kHz.

*At sampling rates of 96kHz, maximum 8-track recording is possible.

Flexible 48-Channel Mixing with Motorized Faders

More than just a recorder, the VS-2400CD is a full-blown 48-channel digital mixer. These channels consist of the 16-channel Input mixer, 24-channel Track mixer and eight effect returns. How do you keep them all straight? That's where the 13 motorized faders come in. Just select which channels you want to mix and the faders instantly snap to the proper position. It couldn't be easier!

Works Like the Popular VS-2480

Ask any VS-2480 owner and they'll likely tell you what a pleasure it is to use. That's because the operating system is based on years of knowledge gained from products dating back to the original VS-880. And now this same easy-to-use interface can be found in the VS-2400CD. Just follow the graphic icons to quickly navigate menus, while taking advantage of intuitive drag-and-drop editing using the mouse. You can even connect an optional VGA monitor for true software-style control.

New RSS 3-D Panning and Onboard Effects

A new RSS Panning function provides dedicated 3-D panning without complicated editing. Using this function, you can create a 3-D sound field with up to six mono sources and write it into the Automix. The VS-2400CD also sports dedicated 4-band EQ and dynamics on 32 channels, plus two stereo effects processors with 36 high-quality Roland/BOSS algorithms. These include everything from reverb and delay to Lo-Fi and vocoder effects, plus guitar amp modeling, mic modeling and mastering tools. Two additional stereo effects can be added via an optional VS8F-2 Effects Expansion Board.

Burns CDs and the Competition

With a low-profile CD burner built-in, the VS-2400CD has everything you need to take your song from idea to completion. First mix down your tracks (along with any live inputs) to an open pair of tracks. Then add the final touch using the Mastering Tool Kit with multi-band compression and burn your 2-track master to CD. The CD-RW drive can also be used to import .WAV files directly into a song great for loading loops from sampling CDs!

Expandable I/O and V-LINK

If you need additional inputs, simply connect using the 8-channel R-BUS port. For example, the VS-2400CD can be connected with another VS-2400CD, VS-2480 or even to a computer with the RPC-1 R-BUS Interface Card. This allows you to expand input channels and recording tracks, or exchange eight channels of 2-way audio and MIDI data between your V-Studio and a PC. And with V-LINK, musicians can trigger video clips by creating MIDI events on any of the VS-2400CD's recording tracks, or use the V-Fader function to control video parameters such as color balance and brightness.

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Tracks:24, V-Tracks: 384 (16-V.Tracks per each Track)
Sample Rate

*Adjustable range with vari-pitch function, 22-98 kHz (at 96 kHz), 22-50 kHz (at 48 kHz)
Recording Mode
Mastering 24-bit/16-bit (M24/16), Multitrack Pro(MTP), CD Writing(CDR), Multitrack 1/2 (MT1/2), Live 1/2 (LIV/LIV2)
Max. Simultaneous Recording/play back Tracks
Sample Rate 48/44.1/32kHz:
16-tr. Rec/16-tr. Play (M24/16, CDR), 16-tr. Rec/24-tr. Play (MTP, MT1/2, LIV/LIV 2)
Sample Rate 96/88.2/64kHz:
8-tr. Rec/8-tr. Play (M24/16, CDR) 8-tr. Rec/12-tr. Play(MTP, MT1/2, LIV/LIV 2)

* Depending on the organization of the song data etc., the number of tracks which can be simultaneously recorded or played back may be limited.

* 16-track simultaneous recording requires optional 8-channel R-BUS device such as the ADA-7000, SI-24, Edirol DA-2496 A/D to D/A converter or the RPC-1 computer interface.
Max. Useful Capacity
40GB:10GB (Capacity) x 4 (Partition)
200 projects in each partition
1000 per project
100 (10 x 10 banks) per project
100 (10 x 10 banks) per project
999 Undo/1 Redo
4-band (2 shelving + 2 peaking)

*Useful simultaneously at up to 32ch in both Input Mixer and Track Mixer. (at 48kHz or less.)

*Useful simultaneously at up to 16ch in both Input Mixer and
Track Mixer. (at 64kHz or above.)
Dynamics Processor
Compressor, Expander

*Useful simultaneously at up to 32ch in both Input Mixer and Track Mixer. (at 48kHz or less.)

*Useful simultaneously at up to 16ch in both Input Mixer and Track Mixer. (at 64kHz or above.)
Max. 4 stereo (One pre-installed + One more optional VS8F-2)
Hard Disk Drive
IDE type 3.5” 40 GB
CD-RW Drive
Reading Speed: 24x (max.), Recording Speed: Record (CD-R) 4x correspond, Re-Write (CD-RW) 4x correspond
Power Consumption
60W (AC117/230/240 V)
R-BUS Equipment Connection and Setting Guide 2, Block diagram, Demo CD, CD-R Disc, PS/2 Mouse, Shortcut Seal, AC Cord
Plug-in Effect Expansion Board (VS8F-3), 24-bit Effect Expansion Board (VS8F-2), Level Meter Bridge (MB-24), Bi-amp Monitor (DS-90A/50A), 10CH Digital Line Mixer (M-1000), Mic Modeling Preamp (MMP-2), Dynamic Microphone (DR-20), R-BUS Cable (RBC-3/1), Footswitch (FS-5U), Pedal Switch (DP-2)

Size and Weight

Width (W)
480 mm18-15/16 inches
Depth (D)
481 mm18-15/16 inches
Height (H)
136 mm5-3/8 inches
10.5 kg23 lbs. 3 oz.

(0 dBu = 0.775 V rms)

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


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