CD-ROM/Score/PC Software for VIMA-Series

Build Your Dream Audio/Visual Collection

Build Your Dream Audio/Visual Collection

With Roland’s VIMA as your entertainment centerpiece, you can assemble your own personal library of timeless songs and images with VIMA TUNES CD-ROM discs. Formatted for use with VIMA keyboards, these discs are packed with amazing music, still images, and scroll-along lyrics — ready to load and play right out of the jewel case!

VIMA TUNES is a Roland standard that enables still-image and lyric display during music playback. You can enjoy slideshows and lyrics for karaoke on external displays, such as large-screen TVs, when you play back VIMA TUNES on VIMA itself or on devices that bear the VIMA TUNES, plus computers installed with the VIMA TUNES PLAYER.

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VIMA TUNES CD-ROM (CD that enables use of E-Z PLAY TODAY libraries)

The VIMA TUNES CD-ROM features music from the E-Z PLAY TODAY libraries in VIMA TUNES data format. During playback, it is possible to put on an attractive slideshow* that compliments the music and adds another dimension of entertainment and pleasure.
*The slideshow function can only be enjoyed with the RK-500 and VIMA TUNES PLAYER.

- For each song, you can use the Recommended Tone feature to activate settings optimized for the selected melody. While you’re playing, you can easily build up the song by switching from piano for the intro to flute for the main passage, for example, and to swelling strings for the ending.

- Using Melody Mute, you can silence the melody part and sing along karaoke-style while playing a one-handed accompaniment.

E-Z PLAY TODAY Music score collection for VIMA TUNES

E-Z PLAY TODAY notation-training books are a perfect companion for Roland’s VIMA TUNES CD-ROMs. These excellent books make it easy to learn the basics of music sight-reading. The notation is presented in large characters, with easy-to-see chords and lyrics that match the VIMA TUNES songs.
*E-Z PLAY TODAY music scores are published by HAL LEONARD CORPORATION and Music Sales Limited, and are commercially available in the market. They are also available through Roland.

- Beginners will appreciate E-Z PLAY TODAY easy-to-read pitch-notation scores presented in large characters. A Note ID Label comes with VIMA. This is great for people who are new to reading music and keyboard playing, but who want to enjoy the pleasure of learning how to play certain songs.

- All the necessary visual representations are shown, including sharp and flat semitone markers. Since the black keys are clearly indicated, you are less likely to make mistakes: There is no need to understand music theory or notation.

- Chords and lyrics are also easy to see. This makes playing and singing much easier.

Enjoy VIMA TUNES on your computer — PC Software —

VIMA TUNES PLAYER is a software application that enables playback of VIMA TUNES data on a computer for slideshow+music and onscreen lyric display. While reading an E-Z PLAY TODAY score, you can play along using other instruments played through the keyboard. Because you can set speed and pitch any way you want, you can adapt playback to make it easier to learn vocal parts or to practice pieces. Download the VIMA TUNES PLAYER for free at

VIMA TUNES Image Tool is a new plug-in for Cakewalk SONAR 6* music-production software. The VIMA TUNES Image Tool was designed by Cakewalk to let you easily create custom VIMA TUNES via PC. Any size JPEG image can be imported into VIMA TUNES with a single button push. The easy-to-use icon-based interface allows you to personalize your performances with music, visual slideshows, and VIMA TUNES song lyrics.
The VIMA TUNES Image Tool will be available via free download from www.

* E-Z PLAY is a registered trademark of the HAL LEONARD CORPORATION.

* Cakewalk SONAR 6 is sold separately.

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


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