V-Guitar Amplifier

The Future of Guitar Amplification is Here.

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The Future of Guitar Amplification is Here.

When the engineers at Roland Corporation set out to design the cutting-edge VGA-7 V-Guitar Amplifier, they worked with a single goal in mind: incredible tones. Because no matter how powerful or sophisticated a guitar amplifier is, tone is first and foremost. Thanks to breakthrough COSM modeling technology, the VGA-7 not only nails a range of classic and modern amp tones, but can also model guitar tones—from solidbody electrics to acoustic guitars and banjos—giving you a room full of great-sounding guitars and amps at your fingertips.

  • - Digital modeling guitar amplifier with simple analog-style controls
  • - 20 distinct COSM amp models plus speaker cabinet simulations
  • - Gain, Volume, 3-band EQ and Presence controls customized for each amp model
  • - 26 COSM guitar types—electric, acoustic, hollow-body, and “guitar-meets-synth”—using any steel-string guitar w/ optional GK-2A Divided Pickup (sold separately)
  • - Pickup type and position simulations with pickup blending capabilities*
  • - Polyphonic Intelligent Pitch Shifter for instant open, Nashville, and user-defined tunings, 12-string guitars*
  • - 4 independent effects processors with 15 distinct Roland/BOSS effects algorithms
  • - 80 preset memories plus 80 user memories with extensive foot control options
  • - GK-Ready 13-pin input plus standard 1/4” guitar input for direct access to amp/speaker cabinet modeling sections
  • - 65W + 65W/ 2x12” plus 2 horn driver stereo configuration
  • *Requires optional GK-2A Divided Pickup (sold separately).

COSM Guitar Modeling

The most striking capability of the VGA-7 is its ability to model not only amplifiers, but guitars as well. These models include solidbody electrics like Fender Stratocasters and Telecasters, Gibson Les Pauls, hollow-body jazz guitars, and miked and unmiked acoustic models (including a nylon string!)*. You can also select between various pickups and placements and dynamic “guitar-meets-synth” models. And all of these guitar models and sounds can be played from any steel-stringed guitar equipped with the optional GK-2A Divided Pickup (sold separately).

But it doesn't stop there. The VGA-7 and optional GK-2A also give you instant open, Nashville, 12-string, and user-defined tunings, plus a world's first “Digital Capo” function which can instantly re-pitch your entire guitar sound up or down for playing in different keys. You can even set the pitch for each string individually and save your custom tunings into memory, recalling them with the touch of a button.

Wondering how it's all done? The secret behind the guitar modeling and instant tunings is the VGA-7's "GK-Ready" 13-pin input and the GK-2A Divided Pickup—which provides a separate audio signal for each string of your guitar (instead of a "combined" output like traditional guitar pickups). The Divided Pickup can be user-installed on your favorite steel-string guitar without any permanent modification; or you can buy a variety of GK-compatible guitars from manufacturers including Fender, Washburn, Godin and Brain Moore Guitars*.

COSM Amp Modeling

The VGA-7 offers models of 20 distinct amp types—from vintage and modern tube amps to solid-state and acoustic amps—plus speaker cabinet selections. Thanks to years of digital modeling experience and extensive R&D, the amp models provide a range of extremely dynamic and natural overdrive sounds, without a tube in sight. It's like nothing you've ever heard from a digital amp before: sparkling clean sounds, warm bluesy tones or earth-shaking high-gain mayhem.

But just because the technology inside is fierce doesn't mean an amp has to be hard to use. As a testimony to this, Gain, Volume, 3-Band EQ and Presence can be tweaked instantly on the VGA-7 using familiar knob-based controls. Of course, each of these controls yield a response modeled precisely after the amp being simulated: from classic Marshall Plexis to Fender combos*, custom and "boutique" amps, and even Roland's own JC-120 Jazz Chorus.

Innovative Design

While many of today's digital modeling amps basically simulate various guitar amps, the Roland VGA-7 models everything from guitar bodies to pickups to speaker cabinets. This is possible in part thanks to the VGA-7's innovative stereo amp design (65 watt x 2) and "full-range" speaker complement: two 12" Eminence® speakers and two horn drivers. This system allows precise modeling of various speakers, as well as capturing the delicate top-end of the VGA-7's hollow-body and acoustic guitar models and synth-type sounds.

4 Onboard Digital Effects Processors

The VGA-7 includes four independent onboard effects processors, with a total of 15 effects algorithms from the Roland/BOSS sound labs. These effects include reverb, delay, wah, flanger, and classic effect simulations, plus unique BOSS effects like “Slow Gear,” which provides automatic fade-ins. All effects sounds can be tweaked using simple knob-based controls, and then saved along with guitar model, tuning, amp sound, speaker cabinet, etc. into a single patch. This processing power and instant recall lets you do things like add a hint of concert hall reverb to your nylon string guitar model, or apply some wah to that classic ‘60s sound you've got, or add some heavy flange to that death metal sound. Of particular note are the lush reverb, chorus and delay effects, which are run in true JC-120-style stereo thanks to the VGA-7's twin amp, twin speaker design. All effects are also controllable via optional footswitch, with a range of control capabilities including patch selection, tap tempo, and more.

...And More

In addition to its incredible sonic firepower, the VGA-7 provides lots of "extras," like an External Mix input for blending in different sound sources, an onboard guitar tuner (so you'll never have to unplug), and a “Manual” mode for instant tone tweaking using good old-fashioned knobs. Operation is exceptionally easy thanks to a series of LED's which let you quickly confirm which guitar model, tuning, pickup placement, etc. you're using. And since it's a digitally controlled amp, the VGA-7 gives you the ability to recall up to 80 preset and 80 user-defined patches. Finally, for direct recording applications, the VGA-7 gives you stereo line outs with speaker simulation. Put it all together, and you're looking at the future of guitar amplification.

* The trademarks in this page are trademarks of their respective owners, which are separate companies of Roland. Their marks are used solely to identify the equipment whose sound is simulated by Roland's VGA-7.

Rated Power Output
130W (65W + 65W)
12” (30 cm) x 2 + horn tweeter x 2
GK In, Input (High, Low), Headphones, Output (L/Mono, R), EXT In (L/Mono, R), EXP Pedal, EFX, Delay (Tip:ON/OFF, RING:TAP TEMPO), Chorus, Reverb, MIDI (In, Out/Thru)
Power Consumption
160W (117/230/240 V)
GK Connecting Cable C-13A (5 m), Casters (x 4)

Size and Weight (incl. casters)

Width (W)
770 mm30-3/8 inches
Depth (D)
300 mm11-13/16 inches
Height (H)
640 mm25-1/4 inches
37.6 kg82 lbs. 15 oz.

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


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