Vocal Designer for V-Synth/VariOS

Human-Vocal Construction, Manipulation, & Performance

Human-Vocal Construction, Manipulation, & Performance

The human voice is the most expressive musical instrument of all, and it’s also the most challenging to recreate digitally because of its complex variable-formant characteristics. Mission accomplished with the VC-2. The second offering in the V-Card Series turns the V-Synth, V-Synth XT*, and VariOS into an advanced vocal-modeling processor — from legacy vocoders to massive choir models with expression never before achieved in conventional voice-processing algorithms. Make your synth sing, howl, and growl like never before.
>> V-Synth Original Version
>> V-Synth Version 2
>> V-Synth XT * Comes pre-installed with the VC-1 and VC-2 V-Card.
>> V-Card Series [ VC-1 "D-50" | VC-2 "Vocal Designer" ]

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  • - Advanced vocal modeling; create background vocals, large or small ensembles, authentic or synthetic
  • - Choir Modeler creates massive choral performances with words generated from your own voice
  • - High-definition pitch detection algorithm allows voice models to be played from the pitch of incoming audio, such as singing vocalist — no keyboard playing required
  • - Poly-Voice Keyboard mode allows vocal sounds to be played without audio input — no singing or mic input required
  • - Available in PC Card format for V-Synth and VariOS
  • - Pre-installed in the V-Synth XT
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Sound Module

Build a Virtual Choir

Whether you need one voice or an amazingly authentic choir, the VC-2 can deliver the quality vocal backing you need. The VC-2’s voice-processing modes allow the creation of realistic and expressive virtual vocals with words generated from your own voice. VC-2 is also equipped with Growl Modeling, which can turn the smoothest voice into audio sandpaper. The ultra high-resolution vocoder modeling imparts incredibly smooth synthetic backing that matches today’s cutting-edge dance music, while the legacy vocoder models can provide the perfect dose of retro “robot voice” charm.

Hands-On/Hands-Off Vocals

As with traditional vocoders, the VC-2 processes incoming audio either from your vocals or other live audio input sources) along with the notes you play on the keyboard to create a custom performance. In addition, there are two other input methods in which to “play” your virtual vocals. The VC-2’s Poly-Voice Keyboard mode allows vocal sounds to be played without audio input, or you can do the opposite with the VC-2’s voice-to-synth converter, which contains an advanced pitch-detection algorithm that enables the modeled vocal sound to follow the pitch of your voice in real time — no keyboard playing required.

Main Functions
Transform vocal input from a mic into high-quality choirs and human choruses
Use the keyboard to play chords and control the pitch in real time
Transform the character of your voice in real time
Play high-quality vocal choirs from your keyboard
Modeling Choir
Modeling Vocal
Modeling Analog Voice
Vocoder Choir
Vocoder Solo
Vocoder Vintage
Polyphonic Pitch Shifter
Keyboard Choir
Keyboard Vocal
Keyboard Analog Voice
Processor Type 1
Processor Type 2
MFX (Multi-effects): 41 sets
Chorus: 8 sets
Reverb: 14 sets
Assisted performance functions
Auto Note Switch (usable without playing the keyboard)
Multi-Chord Memory Function
Internal (User) Memory
Patches: 448
PC CARD (68 pins, Type II)
Owner's Manual, Card Case
Supported hardware configurations
This product can be used only while the card is inserted in a supported hardware device.
(1) V-Synth, a mic for input
(2) VariOS, a mic for input, an external MIDI keyboard, etc.

*The "V-Synth XT" sound module comes preloaded with the same software as contained in this product.

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


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