D-50 for V-Synth/VariOS

The Legendary D-50 Reborn.

The Legendary D-50 Reborn.

Roland's new V-Cards are a series of PC Cards capable of turning the V-Synth and VariOS into a variety of retro- and future-oriented synthesizers. The first card is the VC-1, which magically transforms the V-Synth/VariOS into Roland's legendary D-50 L/A Synthesizer. Simply pop in the card, power up, and you'll be taken back to the year 1987, when Roland's D-50 ruled supreme. Relive the D-50 in all its glory—including full programmability and all the original Patches like "Fantasia", "Digital Native Dance", "Living Calliope", "Intruder FX" and more. Every circuit and precise detail of this legendary synthesizer has been faithfully modeled. It doesn't just sound like a D-50, it is a D-50! Look for more V-Cards in the future. Only from Roland.
>> V-Synth Original Version
>> V-Synth Version 2
>> V-Synth XT * Comes pre-installed with the VC-1 and VC-2 V-Card.
>> V-Card Series [ VC-1 "D-50" | VC-2 "Vocal Designer" ]

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  • - PC Card turns the V-Synth/VariOS into a complete and accurate reconstruction of Roland's groundbreaking D-50 L/A Synthesizer
  • - Includes all original waveforms plus 28 brand new wave forms.
  • - 384 Patches onboard including all original presets from D-50, PN-D50-01/-02/-03/-04 library cards and 64 new Patches
  • - Full programmability using the V-Synth's touchscreen, knobs and sliders
  • - Exclusive editor software for VariOS included (Win/Mac)
  • - Original D-50 Patches can be loaded via MIDI bulk dump
  • - D-50 firmware loads instantly when booted with card*
  • *When card is inserted, only D-50 synthesis can be accessed. Normal V-Synth/VariOS functions cannot be used unless rebooted without card.

Relevant product
Sound Module

A Real D-50 with Complete Sound Editing

All of the original D-50 parameters are included, allowing you to program true D-50 Patches using the V-Synth's touchscreen, physical knobs and sliders or editor software for VariOS. Even the D-50's unique Partial Balance joystick function can be re-created with the TimeTrip Pad. And here's the best part: original D-50 Patch data can be loaded into the V-Synth/VariOS via MIDI bulk dump, allowing users to take advantage of the hundreds of alternate D-50 sounds that were available. With the D-50 Card, Roland takes the cutting-edge V-Synth/VariOS into the past and future-forever.

PC CARD (68pin, TypeII)
Sound Generator
D-50 Compatible LA (Linear Arithmetic) Synthesis
16 voices
Synthesizer: 2
PCM: 128
Internal (User) Memory
Banks: 8
Patches: 512
Preset Memory
Banks: 6
Patches: 384
Owner's Manual
CD-ROM (Card Recovery Data, Editor "UniQuest VC-1")
Card Case

UniQuest VC-1 Software System requirements (Windows)

Operating system
Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP Home/XP Professional/2000 Professional/Me/98 *Windows(R) XP/2000 recommended
Pentium(R), Celeron(TM), Intel-compatible Processor / 500 MHz or higher
Memory (RAM)
128 MB or more
Free space required on hard disk
70 MB or more
Display resolution / colors
1024 x 768 pixels or higher / 65,535 colors or more (High Color 16 bit)

UniQuest VC-1 Software System requirements (Macintosh)

Operating system
Mac OS 9.0.4 or later, Mac OS X v10.2 or later
PowerPC G3/500 MHz or higher
Memory (RAM)
192 MB or more (256 MB or more is recommended)
Free space required on hard disk
70 MB or more
Display resolution / colors
1024 x 768 pixels or higher / 32,000 colors or more

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


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