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Unreal Sounds. Amazing Control. Introducing the V-Synth.

  • USB
  • VariPhrase
  • D-BEAM
  • V-LINK
  • COSM

Unreal Sounds. Amazing Control. Introducing the V-Synth.

The Roland V-Synth opens up a world of new sounds full of life and motion. Imagine a synth that combines multiple oscillator technologies with realtime control of a waveform's pitch, time and formant. Now add user sampling to create entirely new waveforms, powerful COSM filtering, a killer arpeggiator and a host of realtime controllers including the revolutionary TimeTrip Pad. That's the Roland V-Synth: a distinctive new instrument set to inspire those passionate about sound.

>> V-Synth Version 2
>> V-Synth XT
>> The V-Card Series [ VC-1 "D-50" | VC-2 "Vocal Designer" ]

  • - Flagship 61-note synthesizer with multiple oscillator technologies, user sampling and new COSM filtering for incredibly dynamic new sounds
  • - New variable oscillators based on analog modeling, user samples and over 300 PCM waveforms with up to 24-voice polyphony*
  • - Independently manipulate the pitch, time and formant of sampled waveforms using VariPhrase technology-a world's first in a synthesizer!
  • - Revolutionary TimeTrip Pad allows realtime manipulation of waveforms
  • - Intuitive touchscreen interface with over 20 knobs and sliders, plus Twin D Beams
  • - Powerful COSM processing including filter modeling, Resonator and Side Band Filter-plus global reverb, chorus and multi-effects
  • - New programmable arpeggiator provides additional rhythmic and timbral controls
  • - USB port for .WAV/AIFF file import, .WAV export and simplified MIDI connections
  • - 2 stereo Line outputs, stereo Mic/Line input and S/PDIF digital I/O
  • *Polyphony depends on processing power.

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Programming Heaven

The V-Synth is an instrument for those who like to program- and for those not satisfied with today's variety of synthesizers.V-Synth's variable oscillator with VariPhrase technology brings life to otherwise static waveforms. And it's not just the sound engine, but the way players can interact with it. From the luxurious feel of the 61-note velocity-sensitive keyboard with aftertouch to the interactive control only possible with physical knobs and sliders to the dynamic TimeTrip Pad, Twin D Beams and touchscreen, V-Synth lets you explore entirely new realms of sound never before possible.

Variable Oscillators:The Heart of the V-Synth

The V-Synth's dual oscillators are unlike any previous oscillator design, with a choice of three different types:
The PCM oscillator is powered by VariPhrase for complete sonic control. Choose from hundreds of preset waveforms or sample your own. Then use the “Time Trip” function to manipulate a waveform's time aspect in any way you wish. Slow it down to uncover rich moving harmonic content;speed it up to create high-speed tonal motion; freeze it at your favorite spot; or rewind it backward at any speed without changing pitch and formant, which can also be independently controlled. You've never heard sounds like these! Analog Modeling is the second oscillatortype. Here you'll find over ten traditional fat-sounding analog waveforms-strengthened by Roland's latest modeling technology to give them even more warmth, punch and spectrum variation. The third oscillator type is External Audio Processing, which lets you process any signal arriving at the V-Synth's analog inputs. All oscillator types can be layered and mixed in several ways, or modulated using FM, ring mod and oscillator hard sync.

Intuitive Programming and Control

The V-Synth's sound engine can be configured in several different ways by choosing from preset Structure types-just like a semi-modular synth! Front-panel Structure buttons make it easy to dive in, while a host of knobs, sliders and buttons give you direct access to vital sound parameters. Even the most detailed editing can be performed quickly using the large touchscreen, which even responds to dragging motions—great for setting envelope curves! The real magic begins when interacting with the V-Synth's knobs and controllers. With the TimeTrip Pad, you can scan a waveform forward and backward using your fingertip. Imagine adding expressive articulation to a lead vocal sample! Or use the Twin D Beams to modify a range of controllers using infrared light beams. The V-Synth's arpeggiator can even modulate sound parameters. Nothing else provides this type of interaction and creative control.

COSM Processing and Effects

In lieu of a basic multi-mode filter, the V-Synth offers two dedicated COSM modeling processors for shaping sounds. So in addition to having access to analog-style filters, you can also plug into new types of processors like polyphonic guitar amp modeling, a Wave Shaper, Resonator (polyphonic waveform processing through a modeled resonation body) and a unique Side Band Filter capable of pulling out the sharper, metallic content of sounds. Of course, there are also global effects including a dedicated reverb processor with ten reverb types, a chorus processor with eight types, and a killer multi-effects processor with 41 distinct algorithms. With tools like these, sounds can be molded however you like.

USB Connectivity

With its flexible I/O and USB port, the V-Synth provides end-less possibilities for serious sound designers. Use the analog or digital inputs to sample your own waveforms to be used in the variable oscillator. You can even exchange .WAV and AIFF files via the built-in USB port, which also works for MIDI. Resampling is also possible, allowing users to capture any performance with the TimeTrip Pad, D Beam or arpeggiator-or even effected sounds-as an entirely new waveform. All Preset Patches are fully re-writeable, giving users plenty of space for their own creations, which can also be saved via USB to a computer or to an optional PC card. And by purchasing readily available PC card adapters, othe media such as CompactFlash, SmartMedia and MicroDrives can be used.

V-LINK: Why Limit Yourself to Audio?

V-LINK is another new approach to creative expression, allowing playback and even performance of video clips with music created on the V-Synth; all you need is the Edirol products such as PR-80 Realtime Video Presenter (sold separately). Use V-LINK to trigger different video clips with V-Synth's keyboard while using the bender to change playback speed. Using the TimeTrip Pad, you can scan a clip forwards or backwards with your finger, or change colors using the Twin D Beams. Explore new dimensions in sound and video with V-Synth!

V-Synth (Legacy version 1.5x)

61 keys (with velocity and channel aftertouch)
Sound Generator Configuration
Oscillator (envelope x 4 + LFO x 1) x 2, Modulator x 1, COSM
(envelope x 2 + LFO x 1) x 2, TVA (envelope x 1 + LFO x 1) x 1
Sound-generation Techniques
Analog Modeling, PCM / VariPhrase (Pre-loaded waveforms + Sampling waveforms), External Input
4 types + MIX
16 types + THRU
Zones (Splits)
Maximum Polyphony
24 voices (Varies depending on the load placed on the sound generator.)
Internal Memory
Project: 1, Patches: 512, Waves: 999, Wave memory (RAM):50 MB (When the unit ships from the factory, 32 MB of this is taken up by the pre-loaded waves.), Sample storage memory(FLASH): 10 MB
External Storage Device
PC CARD slot (Microdrive, SmartMedia or CompactFlash can be used with PC card adapter.)
MFX (Multi-effects): 41 sets, Chorus: 8 sets, Reverb: 10 sets
System EQ
4 bands
Sampling Frequency
Internal: 44.1 kHz, Digital Audio IN/OUT: 96, 48, 44.1 kHz
Signal Processing
Internal processing, sound generating section: 32 bits (floating point), effects section: 24 bits (fixed point), DA Conversion: 24 bits, AD Conversion: 24 bits
Nominal Output Level
MAIN OUT: +4 dBu, DIRECT OUT: +4 dBu
Nominal Input Level
INPUT (LINE): -20 dBu, INPUT (MIC): -46 dBu
Patterns: User programmable (supports use of control change messages), Motifs: 8 types, Tempo: 20 to 250 BPM
Graphic 320 x 240 dot backlit LCD with touchscreen
Pitch Bend / Modulation Lever, TimeTrip Pad, Twin D Beam Controller, Assignable Control Knobs (C1, C2)
Headphones Jack, Main Output Jacks (L/MONO, R) (1/4 inch phone type), Direct Output Jacks (L, R) (1/4 inch phone type), Input Jacks (L, R) (1/4 inch phone type) (equipped with line/mic gain switch), Hold Pedal Jack, Control Pedal Jacks (1,2) (assignable), MIDI Connectors (IN, OUT, THRU), USB Connector, Digital Audio Interface (24-bit, S/PDIF) (COAXIAL (IN, OUT), OPTICAL (IN, OUT)), AC Inlet
Power Consumption
16 W
Quick Start, Owner's Manual, Sound List, CD-ROM (Driver), PC CARD Protector, Power Cable
Keyboard Stand: KS-12, Pedal Switch: DP-2, Damper Pedal: DP-6/8, Foot Switch: BOSS FS-5U, Dynamic Microphone: DR-20, Expression Pedal: EV-5 / BOSS FV-300L

Size and Weight

Width (W)
1,056 mm41-5/8 inches
Depth (D)
398 mm15-11/16 inches
Height (H)
111 mm4-3/8 inches
13.1 kg28 lbs. 15 oz.

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


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