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USB Audio Interface

USB connectivity brought a revolution in audio interfaces for your computer. Now, Dolby Digital and DTS brings surround as well! The UA-3D is compact and portable, because it's powered by your computer. Whether you choose analog or optical ins and outs, the interface is the next step in audio quality. Includes Win DVD playback software and Cool Edit Pro LE for easy audio edits. 5.1 ch Surround System (Dolby Digital and DTS) Enjoy surround sound* with "WinDVD" software and the UA-3D. Experience theater-style movies with this complete package.

* A DVD-ROM and a DTS or Dolby Digital decoder/amplifier is required for the UA-3D for 5.1 surround sound.

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Noise free

Keep original sound quality with USB audio capture.UA-3D's external AD/DA converters provides high quality recording and playback.

USB bus Powered

Ideal for laptop computers. Power supply from computer via USB cable. No need for AC adaptor. Connect your audio equipment to your Mac or PC with the UA-3D and just one USB cable!

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