USB Digital Studio

A complete studio for hard-disk recording on PC with integrated software

  • USB

A complete studio for hard-disk recording on PC with integrated software

  • - 24-bit internal DSP 20-bit A/D and D/A conversion
  • - Line level, guitar, microphone, optical digital, and aux stereo inputs
  • - Line level and optical digital outputs
  • - 136 presets of internal DSP effects for every input
  • - 1-in/1-out MIDI interface
  • - Mixing faders for audio and MIDI, effects control, locator and transport control
  • - Unique EZ Recording feature, direct access to PC software functions
  • - VSC-88, GM2/GS software synthesizer emulating 16-part MIDI multitimbral external sound module included

Searching for the highest recording quality in a portable device?

EDIROL handpicked the top analog and digital components for the R-1. The unit records and plays back at a crystal-clear, 24-bit audio resolution without compression. Electrolytic capacitors provide stable, reliable power to the analog circuits, eliminating DC interference and supplying low-distortion sound. Audio recorded into the R-1 is stored as stereo files directly onto removable Compact Flash card. Maximum recording time is approximately 137 minutes when using the bundled 64 MB card. Nine format-quality modes are provided, ranging from 64 kbps compression to linear WAV.

With a focus on creativity and productivity

Direct Linear editors from Edirol bring outstanding stability, ease-of-use and expressiveness. They offer a world without loss or interruption that combines the feel of linear editing with the flexibility of non linear editing. A world where the edit comes first, where the feel is real

You can get 6-IN/6-OUT 24 bit/96 kHz simultaneous full duplex recording performance

or 4-IN/4-OUT 24 bit/192 kHz simultaneous full duplex recording performance, the maximum spec. for DVD-Audio with this box.

6-IN/6-OUT 24 bit/96 kHz Full Duplex Recording

You can record and monitor all four channels of
analog audio at the same time at up to 24-bit/192kHz
resolution, the maximum spec. for DVD-A.

Compatible with Mac OS X

The FA-66 uses the standard FireWire Audio driver
included on Mac OS X. This means there is no driver
to install---just plug it in and start recording! Your
Mac will recognize it immediately.

Variety of Input & Output Options

The FA-66 offers a wide array of input and output
options to let you connect any audio device you
need, including: 2 Neutrick XLR/TRS combo inputs
with Phantom Power, Hi-Z (Guitar) connection,
stereo RCA analog inputs, S/PDIF Optical I/O, 4
individual analog outputs, 1/4" stereo Headphone
Output, and MIDI I/O. The FA-66 offers +4dBu
balanced input & output.

2x XLR/TRS Combo Jacks with Professional Grade

The FA-66 is a completely portable recording center
with very clean, high-gain microphone preamps &
premium analog components perfect for home studio
and field recording.

FireWire Bus Powered for Mobile Use

No AC adaptor required! Just connect one FireWire
(6-pin to 6-pin) cable to your laptop to create a
quality field recorder. Reduce your cables and record
anywhere with the FA-66. For your desktop use, the
FA-66 package comes with the AC adaptor.

Built-in Analog Limiter

Prevent clipping in your recordings. Get high quality
live recordings with a wide dynamic range. See the
side diagram for Limiter characteristics.

Core Audio, WDM, & ASIO 2.0 Support

Compatible with Mac OS X standard audio,
CoreAudio. Plus, the FA-66 comes with WindowsXP
WDM & ASIO2.0 drivers for Low Latency with most
audio applications.

Compact, Solid Metal Constrction

The FA-66 packs Edirol's latest audio technology in a
small, durable body for incredibly portable FireWire
audio recording.

Zero-Latency, Direct Monitoring

Listen to audio being recorded directly, without routing
through software, with the FA-66's Direct Monitoring
function. This allows the input to go straight to the
output offer ZERO-latency monitoring. The FA-66 also
offers incredibly low latency when monitoring through
software or performing with software synths through
the Apple CoreAudio driver as well as the
WDM/ASIO2.0 drivers for Windows XP.

Main Function
6 in / 6 out audio interface with
Analog Limiter
Unique Features
192 kHz AD/DA Conversion
Connection to Computer

Audio Channels

Signal Processing
Up to 24-bit /192kHz
Sample Rate
6 in / 6 out Full Duplex
Up to 24-bit /192kHz

Audio Inputs

Microsoft Windows XP Home/XP
Professional, MacOS 10.3.3 or
laterTwo Neutrix XLR/TRS
Two front-mounted,
balanced combo Jacks with Phantom
Power (One with Hi-Z select switch),
Four RCA pin jacks, S/P DIF optical

Audio Outputs

8 1/4 "TRS/balanced,
1/4 "Headphones, S/P DIF optical
MIDI Interface
1 In/ 1Out
Bundled Software
164 (W) x 148 (D) x 44 (H) mm
6-1/2 (W) x 5-7/8 (D) x 1-3/4 (H)
650g / 1 lb 7 oz

Size and Weight (Dimensions dayo)

Width (W)
123 mm4-7/8 inches
Depth (D)
456 mm18 inches
Height (H)
78 mm3-1/8 inches
9 kg19 lbs. 14 oz.

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