Wave and System Expansion Board for TD-10

Expanding Your Sonic Palette…

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Expanding Your Sonic Palette…

With the TDW-1 Wave and System Expansion Board, TD-10 Percussion Sound Module owners can extend the power of their V-Drums with new sounds and features. These include 360 all-new drum and percussion sounds—many developed in collaboration with worldwide sound leader Spectrasonics—plus expanded fader groupings and enhanced sensitivity and dynamics. It’s as simple as popping this board into the expansion bay of the TD-10 module, instantly turbo-charging your set.

  • - User-installable system and wave expansion board for V-Drums TD-10 Percussion Sound Module
  • - Adds 360 new drum and percussion instruments—14MB* arranged into 50 new drum kits
  • - Simultaneous three-way-triggering and positional sensing on bow of the CY-15R and CY-12R/C
  • - Improved sensitivity and dynamics
  • - New group settings for greater fader control of drum sounds
  • *When converted to 16-bit linear format.

More Sounds

The TDW-1 includes 360 outstanding new drum and percussion sounds, many of which were developed by leading sound designer Spectrasonics. These 50 new drum kits offer completely new instruments that fully complement the sounds of the TD-10. And these sounds are more expressive than ever, particularly when playing hi-hats and cymbals. The TDW-1 even includes new V-Tom sounds that respond to positional sensing!
Combined with the 16MB of sounds already in the TD-10, you've got a whopping 30MB of drums at your disposal.

More Responsive

With new sounds come improved triggering capabilities that make the Ultimate V-Drums System’s patented drum pads even more sensitive. Now every nuance of your playing—from the hardest strikes to the softest—will be faithfully reproduced. This is particularly noticeable with the KD-120 V-Kick, which is even more responsive when playing softly. The TDW-1 also adds a new cross stick technique with adjustable volume, and better rim shot response when playing from the PD-120, PD-7 and PD-9 pads.

More Features

The TDW-1 also improves the system software, adding several new functions to the TD-10 like an expanded “Fader Mode” for separate volume control of the toms and cymbals (the pedal hi-hat level can also be independently controlled). Creating realtime pitch bend effects is now as simple as moving the hi-hat control pedal—cool! Speaking of effects, the TDW-1’s new software also beefs up the onboard compressor for even punchier drums. New short-cut functions and a Trigger Chase Lock function make editing easier than ever.

A Note on the New Version of the TDW-1 (TDW-1 with V-Cymbal Control)

Although V-Cymbals can be used with all current Roland percussion sound modules, the new version of the TDW-1 Wave and System Expansion Board (TDW-1 with V-Cymbal Control) enhances the V-Drums TD-10 sound module with the following capabilities:

• Simultaneous three-way-triggering on the CY-15R ride cymbal (edge/bow/bell)
• Positional sensing on bow of CY-15R ride cymbal
• New trigger types for the V-Cymbals

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


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