Percussion Sound Module

A Powerful Module with True V-Drums Spirit.

  • COSM

A Powerful Module with True V-Drums Spirit.

With the TD-8 Percussion Sound Module, legendary V-Drums sounds are closer than you think. This incredible-sounding module includes over 1,200 instruments, COSM modeling-based sound editing capabilities, intuitive operation, and unmatched sensitivity... and that's just for starters. Factor in the TD-8's powerful sequencing section and streamlined, ergonomic design and it stands as one of the best values in electronic drums today.

  • - 1,286 high-quality drum, percussion and instrument sounds and 64 drum kits
  • - Powerful V-Edit mode offers modeling-based control over instrument parameters
  • - Intuitive operation through a large backlit LCD, group faders, and luminous buttons
  • - Onboard pattern-based sequencer with 800 patterns and GM-compatible sound module
  • - Compatible with a wide range of Roland percussion pads and controllers

Amazing Sound Quality and Variety

When it comes down to it, an electronic drum system is only as good as its sounds. The TD-8 serves up 1,286 high-quality sounds, comprised of 1,024 drum and percussion sounds and 262 backing instruments; COSM-based V-Editing allows you to precisely tune and shape drum size and depth, head type and tuning, muffling, and snare strainer adjustment. And all this is enhanced with expressive positional sensing capability, triggering different sounds based on the location of the pad hit.

A "Drummer-Friendly" Interface

The TD-8 was designed from the ground up with live performance and easy operation in mind. It incorporates a large backlit LCD with helpful graphics, luminous rubber buttons, and an angled module design that makes operation fast. The module also sports 700 preset patterns, which are great for practice or just playing along. And of course, it's expandable for adding or upgrading up to 12 pads and cymbals.

Sound Generator
Variable Drum Modeling
Maximum Polyphony
64 Voices
Drum Instruments=1,024, Backing Instruments=262
Drum Kits
Drum Kit Chains
16 chains (32 steps per chain)
Instrument Parameters
V-EDIT (Shell Depth, Head Type, Head Tuning, Muffling, Strainer Adjustment) EDIT (Pitch, Decay)
Studio Parameters
Studio Type, Room Size, Wall Type
Mixer Parameters
Level, Pan, Master Volume
Effect Types
Ambience, 2 Band-Master Equalizer
Patterns=700 (Preset), 100 (User), User Songs=50, Parts=6 Play Functions=Oneshot, Loop, Tap Resolution=192 TPQN Recording Method=Real-time
Metronome Parameters
Time signature, Interval, Volume, Output select (Master and Phones/Phones only) Click Instruments=20 (Voice counting, Click, Cowbell, etc.)
20 to 260
32 x 136 dots (backlit graphic LCD) , 7 segments 2 characters (LED)
4 (switchable; Kick, Snare, Hi-hat, Toms/Cymbals, Percussion part, Backing, Click)
Trigger Input (dual) x 10, Output x 4 (2 stereo pairs), Headphones, Mix in (stereo), Hi-hat Control, Footswitch (dual), MIDI (IN, OUT/THRU)
Power Supply
AC Adaptor (DC 9V)
Current Draw
600 mA
AC Adaptor (ACI/ACB Series), Screws(M5 x12) x4

Size and Weight

Width (W)
293 mm11-9/16 inches
Depth (D)
223 mm8-13/16 inches
Height (H)
80 mm3-3/16 inches
1.5 kg3 lbs. 5 oz.

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


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