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Mesh Snare and Dual-Trigger Cymbals Make this Kit a Smash Hit

Mesh Snare and Dual-Trigger Cymbals Make this Kit a Smash Hit

The TD-6K is one of Roland’s most popular V-Drums kits. It offers great playability, thanks to its natural-feel mesh snare pad, dual-trigger tom pads, dynamic cymbal pads with “swinging” motion, and a vertical kick trigger. The easy-to-use sound module sports a sleek black look with a blue LCD, a multi-function sequencer that’s perfect for practice, plus 99 kits and 170 “play-along” patterns.

At the Frankfurt Musikmesse 2005, Roland announced a minor change for the mesh snare. The prior PD-80R is replaced by the new PD-85BK (black), which gives the TD-6KV a solid black look from front to back. This dual-trigger mesh pad also comes with an attractive chrome bracket that gives the PD-85BK a more luxurious look. Another improvement is the cable harness, with labels for quick and clean setup.

  • - Affordable V-Drums set based on TD-6V Percussion Sound Module, mesh pad for snare drum, rubber pads and cymbals, a vertical kick trigger and hi-hat controller
  • - TD-6V offers 1,024 drum and percussion sounds
  • - 1 x PD-85BK mesh V-Pad for snare drum; supports separate head/rim triggering
  • - 4 x PD-8 dual-trigger rubber pads for playing rim
  • - 2 x CY-8 Cymbal Pads with “swinging” motion including realistic cymbal “chokes”
  • - 1 x KD-8 Kick Trigger Pad with vertical design for natural feel and reduced tremble; double bass pedal compatible
  • - 1 x FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller allows for smooth hi-hat sounds from open to closed
  • - Optional MDS-3C stand with matching black finish
  • *Drum stand and kick pedal not included. Connection cables not shown only for photography purposes.

    * For more information about full lineup of V-Drums series, please visit V-Drums Global Official site.

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The TD-6V: More Than Just a New Look

The first thing you’ll notice about the TD-6V Percussion Sound Module is the new black look and cool blue LCD screen. Like the original, this 64-voice module serves up 1,024 of Roland’s best drum and percussion sounds and 262 backing instruments—but with newly created drum kits and patterns in the latest music styles. Dual-trigger tom inputs allow for rim shots on toms and expanded musical expression, while large, luminous buttons make the TD-6V very easy to use.

Upgraded Pads and Cymbals

The TD-6KV includes Roland’s popular PD-80R mesh V-Pad with dual-trigger capability for playing separate snare and rim sounds. For toms and hi-hat, Roland includes the newly created PD-8 rubber pads with dual-trigger support for playing rim shots and bow/edge sounds with the TD-6V module. The CY-8 cymbals offer “swinging” motion with great response, separate bow/edge triggering and choke capabilities, plus a fresh new look that more closely resembles a real cymbal.

New Upright Kick Trigger

Drummers will appreciate the TD-6KV’s new upright kick drum trigger. The new KD-8 Kick Trigger Pad’s vertical design not only gives drummers a better feel compared to reverse-type kick triggers, but it also reduces trembling so you get nothing but solid kick sounds. And here’s more good news… the KD-8 can even accommodate double bass pedals—perfect for drummers who want to create complex rhythms.

Ultra-Sensitive Hi-Hat Control

Thanks to Roland’s new FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller, drummers can get more realistic hi-hat sounds with smooth transitions between open and closed. With a fresh new look and updated kits, pads and cymbals, the V-Tour Series TD-6S packs an impressive punch.

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


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