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Big Brass Ensemble

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Meet the INTEGRA-7 SuperNATURAL Sound Module — Producer’s “must-have” SRX Expansion sound library built in.

Big Brass Ensemble

The SRX-10 Big Brass Ensemble includes a superb collection of brass sounds suited for pop music, film scoring, classical and more. Thanks to the work of talented studio engineers like Dan Blessinger (Martinsound)*, each of the SRX-10's Patches captures the true articulations and feel of traditional brass instruments and ensembles—including realistic "falls"—allowing composers to arrange brass parts with startling realism. It's perfect for use with other SRX expansions like SRX-04 "Symphonique Strings."

* All "SRX-Series"

  • - High-quality wave expansion board with instant access to realistic brass sounds
  • - Patches include a variety of individual instruments and brass sections
  • - Waveforms capture true articulations and feel like falls, etc.
  • - Great for pop music, rock, film scoring and classical arrangements
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Create Realistic Brass Arrangements

Roland's SRX-Series has earned a reputation for offering nothing but the finest sounds, and the new SRX-10 Big Brass Ensemble is no exception. This high-quality expansion can be used to create rich, dynamic brass arrangements-especially when used with the 128-voice Fantom-X Series and other SRX-Series expansions like SRX-04 "Symphonique Strings" and SRX-06 "Complete Orchestra."

Superior Programming for Better Sounds

Tired of scrolling through hundreds of useless CD-ROM sounds? Each of the SRX-10's Patches gives players instant access to the perfect brass sound-including trumpets, trombones, French horn and tuba-with realistic falls. Whether arranging a pop or rock tune, film score, or even classical music, you'll find this collection indispensable. With multiple velocity switches and waveforms that capture every nuance of real brass instruments, your music will truly come alive.

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