G-70 Upgrade Kit

G-70 Upgrade Kit to maximize the potential of the G-70 Version 2!

G-70 Upgrade Kit to maximize the potential of the G-70 Version 2!

With the new SR-G01 Upgrade Kit, G-70 will be more than twice as powerful. The SR-G01 is a dedicated expansion board for the G-70. Combined with the new G-70 OS version 2 and fresh Music Styles, it adds more “oomph” to the G-70 Music Workstation! It is a kind of the best compilation of existing SRX sound library for G-70 users and it provides new fresh sounds: new Acoustic and Electric Pianos, a vast selections of Bass, Guitars with Wah Wah simulation, a new patch of Suite Soprano Sax, a wonderful Trumpet, a wide group of East European oriented sounds, new Drum Kits and much more.

>> G-70 Version 2
>> G-70 original version

  • - Powerful Drum Kits & Drum Loops
  • - Roland’s Finest Sounds
  • - OS Version 2 included
  • - 30 new Music Styles included

Powerful Drum Kits & Drum Loops

The SR-G01 contains 6 new Drum Kits and 11 Drum Loops.
Thanks to the G-70’s Auto Sync capability (one of the countless new features of the OS system version 2), the audio loops on the SR-G01 run in perfect sync with any in 16-Track Sequencer Song and Music Style you assign them to. Since these loops are audio, player's subtle dynamics and groove feels are captured. The addition of audio phrases constitutes a major leap forward for the entire Arranger Keyboard world.

Roland’s Finest Sounds

The SR-G01 is a special selection of sounds carefully picked from the acclaimed Roland library for Arranger Keyboard Users. Apart from a selection derived from the SRX-series wave expansion boards, it also sports all-new waveforms.

OS Version 2 included

The SR-G01 package contains the G-70 OS Version 2 updater, thus allowing users of previous G-70 versions to use the full potential of this new board. (Installing OS version 2 is mandatory for the use of the SR-G01.)

>>G-70 Version 2

30 new Music Styles included

The SR-G01 comes with new 30 Music Styles (based on the SR-G01’s sound set), complete with 68 User Program registrations. Furthermore, the SR-G01 also enhances the 14 additional Styles and as many Music Assistant registrations bundled with G-70 Version 2.

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


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