Groove Sampling Workstation

A Complete and Affordable Workstation for Sampling Musicians.

A Complete and Affordable Workstation for Sampling Musicians.

The BOSS SP-505 Groove Sampling Workstation is the ultimate tool for working with sample, loops and laying down beats. This compact box gives you eight voices of CD-quality sampling, sophisticated sample editing tools including Chop, Pitch and BPM Sync, plus a 4-part sequencer for creating grooves using samples or onboard Tones. And with 26 killer DSP effects—plus an easy graphic interface with realtime control knobs—the SP-505 has everything groove musicians need to build cutting-edge tracks.

  • - Compact sampling workstation with onboard sequencing and effects
  • - 8 voices of CD-quality sampling, expandable up to 128MB via SmartMedia*
  • - Chop function divides loops and maps individual samples to pads
  • - BPM Sync function instantly matches up to 16 phrases to the same tempo
  • - Intuitive graphic LCD (with waveform display) permits easy wave editing
  • - Pitch function for playing back samples at new pitches as on a keyboard
  • - 64 onboard Tones with drums, bass, keyboard, synth sounds and more
  • - 4-part Pattern Sequencer with Quantize for easy song creation
  • - 26 effects like Tape Echo, Isolator and Vinyl Simulator with resampling and realtime control via knobs
  • - Imports .WAV/AIFF files via SmartMedia*; Coaxial/Optical Digital inputs
  • *SmartMedia cards sold separately; SmartMedia adaptor or PCI adaptor card required for .WAV/AIFF conversion

More Than Meets The Eye

In the past, owning a compact sampler meant sacrificing features found in software and high-end machines. The new SP-505 changes all that with helpful tools like sample Chop, for dividing loops into individual samples, and automatic BPM sync of phrases. And with onboard sequencing and professional-quality effects, you get a lot more than you pay for with this cool, tabletop groove sampling workstation.

Powerful Sample Editing

In addition to its 8-note, CD-quality samplingムwith the ability to pitch samples chromatically—the SP-505 provides several powerful editing functions. A graphic LCD with waveform display allows you to zoom in when editing Start and End points or boost the level of a specific waveform range. The aforementioned Chop function is great for dividing loops into individual "slices," which can then be replayed and rearranged at will. And with automatic BPM Sync, getting your loops together is a snap.

4-Part Sequencing with Adjustable Swing

A complete sampling workstation, the SP-505 features a 4-part sequencer with 15,000-note capacity, plus a Swing function for creating shuffle patterns. By mapping individual samples to the pads, you can create custom drum grooves and even overdub loops. Or, create sequences using the SP-505's internal ROM Tones, which include a selection of drums, basses and synths. A Pattern Select feature makes changing patterns easy using the 16 pads—great for live performance.

Killer Effects Processing and Resampling

With 26 onboard effects, you can twist your samples into just about any sound imaginable. These high-quality groove effects include a new Vinyl Simulator, plus favorites like Isolator, Filter+Drive, Slicer, Reverb, Tape Echo and more—all of which can be controlled in real time using the knobs, or even re-sampled to another pad.

SmartMedia Slot, .WAV Compatibility and More

While the SP-505's internal memory provides more than two minutes of CD-quality mono sampling, this can be expanded to over one hour using an optional 128MB SmartMedia card. These cards can also store sequencer data, and can be used to import .WAV/AIFF files from a computer as well. And with a choice of Mic, Line, or Coaxial and Optical digital inputs, you can sample virtually any source and process sounds through the internal effects.

Maximum Polyphony
8 notes
Internal Memory
Samples: 250 (16 banks)
Expansion Card Memory
Samples: 256 (16 banks)
Maximum Sampling Time
Internal (times approximate)
STANDARD: 2 minutes, LONG: 5 minutes, LO-FI: 17 minutes
Memory card (times approximate)
8 MB; STANDARD: 4 min, LONG: 8 min, LO-FI: 24 min
16 MB; STANDARD: 8 min, LONG: 16 min, LO-FI: 49 min
32 MB; STANDARD: 16 min, LONG: 32 min, LO-FI: 98 min
64 MB; STANDARD: 32 min, LONG: 64 min, LO-FI: 197 min
128 MB; STANDARD: 64 min, LONG: 129 min, LO-FI: 395 min
Sampling Frequency
STANDARD: 44.1 kHz
LONG: 22.05 kHz
LO-FI: 11.025 kHz
Track Recording Methods
Event recording (Realtime/Microscope Edit)
Audio recording
Number of Recordable Events (pad operations)
Approximately 15,000 events
Signal Processing
AD conversion: 20 bit
DA conversion: 20 bit
Nominal Input Level
Input (line): -10 dBu
Input (mic): -55 to -25 dBu
Input Impedance
Input (line): 50 k ohms
Input (mic): 2 k ohms
Nominal Output Level
Output (line): -10 dBu
Output Impedance
2 k ohms
PHONES jack (Stereo 1/4 inch phone type)
MIC jack (1/4 inch phone type)
LINE OUT jacks L/R (RCA phono type)
LINE IN jacks L/R (RCA phono type)
DIGITAL IN connectors (optical/coaxial)
FOOT SW jack (1/4 inch phone type)
MIDI connectors (IN/OUT)
AC Adaptor jack (AC 14 V)
Power Supply
AC Adaptor (BRC series)
Current Draw
800 mA
800 mA
AC Adaptor (BRC series)
Foot Switch: FS-5U

Size and Weight

Width (W)
298 mm11-3/4 inches
Depth (D)
254 mm10 inches
Height (H)
64 mm2-9/16 inches
1.4 kg3 lbs. 2 oz.

* 0 dBu = 0.775 Vrms

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


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