Sound Canvas

Music keyboard with 1,608 of the best sounds from around the world

  • USB
  • GS
  • GM2

Music keyboard with 1,608 of the best sounds from around the world

  • - Incredibly powerful sound generator in a compact design
  • - New concept keyboard with an innovative design
  • - Connects easily with one USB or Serial cable
  • - The freedom of realtime control
  • - Function as a MIDI interface
  • - Hybrid CD-ROM with drivers, demo songs and software included

Incredibly Powerful Sound Generation Capabilities in a Compact Body

Boasting a 49-key standard keyboard with touch sensitivity, and an internal sound generator with a maximum polyphony of 64 voices, the SK-500 is packed with features that let you easily enjoy superior performances. To start, you get 1,608 internal tones and 63 internal drum sets (suitable for use with Roland's SC-8820, and conforming to industry-standard GM2 and GS formats). Added to this, the SK-500 includes a comprehensive collection of instrument sounds from around the world, and provides for the sounding of up to 32 parts at once, so you can enjoy an unprecedented amount of expressive capability.
Also onboard are 64 different insertion effects, which allow you to process the sound just about any way you could want. Put it together, and the SK-500 provides you with expansive, high-quality musical expression in all musical genres.

New Concept Keyboard with an Innovative Design

The SK-500's charming rounded design and fresh two-tone peppermint/ivory color motif make it a ready addition on most any desktop. What's more, the two headphone jacks make this the perfect keyboard for lessons in the living room, or for use in school music rooms.

Connects Easily with One USB Cable, Compatible with Windows and Mac

Now, with a single USB cable, you can connect not only to Windows computers equipped with a USB port, but you can also connect to iMac, iBook, G3 and G4 models, and other USB-ready Macs. And since the SK-500 also comes standard with a serial computer connector, you can even use it with computers that are not equipped with a USB port.

The Freedom of Realtime Control

Use of the wheel controller and included pedal switch to get pitch bend and modulation effects, expression pedal (optional), and octave shift provide a high degree of MIDI control. You can freely use realtime control during performances, allowing you to reproduce melodies with subtlety and richness of expression. Selecting tones and making MIDI settings is a snap, all just with the SK-500's keyboard and function switch.

Functions as a MIDI Interface

The SK-500 also includes a MIDI output connector. When connected to a computer with a USB or serial cable, this port functions as a MIDI OUT interface. You can use this feature to connect to an external sound module for an even more powerful system.

CD-ROM with Demo Songs and Software Included

The SK-500 comes with the "GS Advanced Editor" software, which allows you to edit tones graphically on your computer's screen. Also included on the CD-ROM are demo songs that aptly demonstrate the SK-500's capabilities, along with USB and serial drivers for Windows (Me/98/85/2000) and Mac OS.

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


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