Sound Canvas Digital

Audio processor & MIDI synthesizer, high performance through USB

  • USB
  • GS
  • GM2

Audio processor & MIDI synthesizer, high performance through USB

  • - Full digital audio, AD/DA/internal 24-bit processing
  • - Equipped with MIDI sound generator capable of digital export, digital mixer
  • - Powerful GM2/GS synthesizer instrument
  • - Easily hooked up using a single USB cable
  • - Hybrid CD-ROM with drivers, demo songs and software (GS Advanced Editor) included

Full Digital Audio

The SC-D70 is a superior-quality, full-digital audio device that can be connected to computers with a single USB cable. The newly developed custom chip features 24-bit processing (both internally and for AD/DA conversion), sampling rates of 48 kHz (for use with DAT), and 44.1 kHz (for use with CDs and MiniDiscs). It is also equipped with S/P DIF coaxial and optical input/output connectors, allowing you to import/export audio sources with no distortion. The SC-D70 includes analog input and output jacks (Mic/Guitar, audio input jacks), so you can connect your favorite instruments and music sources to the computer for recording.

ASIO Compatibility

You can combine the SC-D70 with ASIO-compatible audio recording and MIDI sequencing software for low-latency, high-quality digital recording. Adding an ASIO plug-in synthesizer and effects gives you an even broader palette for your musical creations.

Powerful GM2/GS Synthesizer Instrument

The Instrument section includes 1,608 industry-standard GM2 (General MIDI 2) and GS tones representing instrument sounds from the world over, along with 63 internal drum sets (similar to Roland ED's SC-8820) to use in a wide variety of musical genres. From piano, guitar, and other such acoustic instruments to strings, woodwinds, brass, and other orchestral instruments, folk instruments, and more --- this instrument possesses the potential for realistic reproduction of many instrument sounds. And to extend the upper limits of musical expression, the SC-D70 features a maximum polyphony of 64 voices, which can be played over 32 parts.

Equipped with MIDI Sound Generator Capable of Digital Export, Digital Mixer

The SC-D70's MIDI sound generating section is capable of digitally outputting MIDI performance output sounds internally. This is a new design feature of Roland ED's Sound Canvas Series. What's more, you can take the digital data from each input source --- Mic, Guitar, Audio In, and Digital In --- and the instrument section, and then use the built-in digital mixer to mix down the results however you want for output to the PC, Audio Out, or Digital Out connectors.

Easily Hooked Up Using a Single USB Cable

The USB connection can handle both the digital audio and MIDI data, an improvement over the old way of cards, many modules and interface boxes. Plug & Play connections and a simplified setup let you take control of your music right away.

Functions as a MIDI Interface

The unit includes a built-in MIDI interface, to allow for expandability through connection to external MIDI devices. This gives you the freedom to input data from keyboards, control external MIDI devices, and expand your system any way you like.

CD-ROM with Demo Songs and Software Included

The SC-D70 comes with the "GS Advanced Editor" software, which allows you to edit tones graphically on your computer's screen. Also included on the CD-ROM are demo songs that brilliantly demonstrate the SC-D70's capabilities, along with USB drivers for Windows (Me/98/85/2000) and Mac OS.

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