Digital Piano

A Starter Piano That’s Fit For a Pro

  • Progressive Hammer Action Keyboard


(Jan. 20. 2012) The RP101's successor has arrived! Meet the RP301R and RP301!

A Starter Piano That’s Fit For a Pro

It’s affordably priced yet uncompromisingly crafted. The new RP101 offers a natural, realistic grand piano sound under the control of a PHA alpha II Keyboard, with varied touch resistance between the upper and lower ranges just like an acoustic grand. It features three pedals, a sliding keyboard cover, and a space-efficient cabinet that fits almost anywhere.

Color Variation >> Rosewood : Sold exclusively in Europe RP101_ERW

  • - 88-key PHA alpha II Keyboard (Progressive Hammer Action)
  • - Stereo-sampled piano sounds with Brilliance and “Damper” Resonance
  • - Built-in Song Recorder
  • - 25 W stereo speaker system
  • - Key-Cover, 3 pedals, headphone hook
  • - Compact body, beautiful cabinet
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Great Piano Sound

Roland’s acclaimed digital-piano technology makes the RP101 a standout in its class, offering a superb grand-piano sound with true-to-life piano resonance and brilliance. The RP101 is touch responsive to the subtlest pressure and nuance — from the deepest, most powerful bass to the most delicate highs.

PHA Alpha II Keyboard

The RP101 is equipped with Roland’s new PHA alpha II (Progressive Hammer Action alpha II), a hammer action keyboard with excellent finger response and sensitivity. As you play from the bottom of the keyboard to the top, you’ll feel a subtle change in resistance, just as you would on an acoustic piano.

Space-Saving Cabinet

Its attractive, space-saving cabinet ensures that the RP101 will look great and fit into practically any room or space. Add a touch of “piano elegance” to your home without the cost or physical constraints of a traditional piano.

Excellent Extras

The RP101 is designed to make your piano-playing experience enjoyable and convenient. A headphone hook is provided for easy storage and retrieval of headphones — great for those who prefer private practice. And when it comes to practicing, the RP101’s built-in song recorder is a great way to capture your performances and play them back, so you can more efficiently chart your progress.

Built-in Sound System

Equipped with its own convenient built-in stereo speaker system, the RP101 delivers rich, sparkling sound without requiring additional amplifiers or speakers. The volume of this piano is completely under your control — from whisper soft to full power.


88 keys, PHA alpha II keyboard
Touch Sensitivity
3 levels, Fixed Touch
Keyboard Mode
Whole, Dual (volume balance adjustable), Twin piano

Sound Generator

Max. Polyphony
64 voices
17 tones
7 types, selectable tonic
Stretched Tunig
On / Off
Master Tuning
415.3 to 466.2Hz (adjustable in increments of 0.1Hz)
-6 to +5 (in semitones)
Reverb (8 levels), Damper Resonance (only for piano tones, Off / 1 to 7)


1 track
Recorder Section: 1 song
Note Storage
Approx. 5,000 notes
Song Select, All Song Play/Stop, Rec
Quarter note = 20 to 250
120 ticks per quarter note
Beat: 0/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/4; Volume: 8 levels


Internal Songs
65 songs
Rated Power Output
25W x 2
12cm x 2
Damper (half-pedal recognition), Soft (half-pedal recognition), Sostenuto
Other Functions
Panel Lock, V-LINK
AC inlet, Pedal connector, Input jacks (L/Mono, R), Output jacks (L/Mono, R), MIDI connectors (In, Out), Phones jack (Stereo) x 2
Power Consumption
Owner’s Manual, Power Cord, Headphones Hook, Music Rest, Music Rest attachment screws

Size and Weight (with Music Rest)

Width (W)
1,387 mm54-5/8 inches
Depth (D)
400 mm15-3/4 inches
Height (H)
945 mm37-1/4 inches
46 kg101 lbs. 7 oz.

Size and Weight (without Music Rest)

Width (W)
1,387 mm54-5/8 inches
Depth (D)
400 mm15-3/4 inches
Height (H)
808 mm31-13/16 inches

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


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