MIDI Keyboard Controller

25 ultra-thin keys, MIDI Keyboard Controller

  • USB
  • FPT
  • V-LINK


(Oct. 25, 2013)
You can download the Driver Ver.1.0.0 for OS X Mavericks (10.9).

(Oct. 21, 2013)
You can download the Driver Ver.1.0.1 for Windows 8.1 / 8.

(Jan. 14, 2010)
Meet the new A-300PRO MIDI Keyboard Controller for studio, on-stage, or anywhere.

25 ultra-thin keys, MIDI Keyboard Controller

Introducing the new standard in MIDI keyboard controllers, with Edirol's S.L.I.M. design, and features for a wider range of MIDI applications.


  • - Packed into a 28 mm (1-1/8 inches) thin compact body
  • - Uses the newly developed “S.L.I.M.” standard-size keys
  • - Equipped with 27 fully assignable physical controllers; 8 Knobs, 6 Buttons, and 2 Pedal Ports
  • - Easy parameter settings with PCR editor
  • - MIDI In/Out Ports
  • - 3-way Power Supply: USB/ Battery/ Optional AC Adaptor
  • - Downloadable Memory Sets
  • - Gig Bag
  • - V-LINK

25 Standard Width Velocity-Sensitive Keys

The PCR-M1 offers standard width keys to ensure easy play, and 128-step velocity sensitivity.

S.L.I.M. keyboard

The PCR-M1 has the same S.L.I.M. keyboard as in the PCR-1. Edirol has devised a new keyboard action technology known as S.L.I.M. (Short-stroke Low-profile Impact Mechanism) that allows a compact MIDI keyboard to maintain reasonable playability.

Thin (1-3/16"), Light (2 lbs. 11 oz) Body

The PCR-M1 is just over one inch thick & weighs 2 lbs 11oz. Ideal for the traveling musicians, the mobile DJs, and the home recording musicians working with limited space.

27 Full Assignable Controllers: 8 Knobs, 6 Buttons, and 2 Pedal Ports

The PCR-1 offers 8 assignable knobs, 6 assignable buttons, and 2 assignable pedal ports. Shift button changes the assignable parameters in 8 knobs & 3 of the 6 buttons for a total of 27 controllable parameters per a control map.

Separate Pitch Bender & Modulation Controls

The new improved pitch bender in the PCR-M1 can make continuous change.

16 Control Map Memory Locations

The PCR-1 offers 16 different save locations for control maps. With 27 parameters available per control map, the PCR-M1 offers control over a total of over 400 parameters held in the memory of the keyboard.

MIDI In/Out Ports

It is easy to connect the PCR-M1 to a MIDI device with just one cable. The PCR-M1 can export the same MIDI signals to both USB and MIDI cable at the same time. It is very convenient.

Expression and Sustain Pedal Ports

The user can connect Roland's EV-5 Expression pedal or DP-2 or 6 Sustain pedal to the PCR-M1 directly. Control parameters through these ports are full assinable. For these jacks, a pair of PEDAL conversion cables (1/8" TRS to 1/4" female) comes with the PCR-M1.

* Pedals are sold separately.

3-way Power Supply: USB/ Battery/ Optional AC Adaptor

The PCR-1 was specifically designed for mobile computer musicians. The PCR-M1 is also designed for mobile musicians. It is very convenient that the PCR-M1 has 3 choices of power supply. The user can play it at any scene.

Downloadable Memory Sets

The parameters in memory set location are fully compatible with the other PCR keyboard line, PCR-1, PCR-30, PCR-50, PCR-80, and PCR-A30. It means the PCR-M1 users can also get the common benefits there are various kinds of downloadable memory sets on the web.

Includes PCR Editor Software

The PCR-1 comes with a copy of the PCR-Editor in the box. The PCR-Editor is a powerful program that greatly eases the process of creating control maps for the PCR line of keyboards. Compatible with Mac OS X, 9, and Windows.

Gig Bag

For frequent portability, a cloth-made Gig bag comes with the PCR-M1, as well as the PCR-1.


The PCR-M1 is also equipped with V-LINK that allows you to trigger and control video material in real-time via the EDIROL Realtime Video Presenter such as PR-80 (sold separately).


S.L.I.M. Keyboard: 25 Keys (with velocity)


USB connector: Type B
Pedal: Expression, Sustain


Top Panel
Rotary Encoder
Assignable Rotary Volume Knobs (R1--8)
Assignable Buttons (B1--6)
Mode Switch x 4
Octave Shift Switch (UP / DOWN)
Transpose Switch
Pitch Bend Switch
Modulation Switch
Rear Panel
Power Switch (DC / OFF / USB)
DC IN (200 mA)


7 segments, 3 characters (LED)
Power Supply
AC Adaptor: PSA Type (optional)
Battery (4 x AAA Type)
Current Draw
400 mA
USB Cable
Owner’s Manual
Template Sheets
PEDAL Conversion Cable x 2
Gig Bag
AC Adaptor (Roland PSA series)
Pedal Switch: DP-2/6
Expression Pedal: EV-5

Size and Weight

Width (W)
450 mm17-3/4 inches
Depth (D)
220 mm8-11/16 inches
Height (H)
28 mm1-1/8 inches
1.5 kg3 lbs. 5 oz.

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


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