Practice Conversion Kit

Turn Your Acoustic Snare Drum Into a Practice Pad.

Turn Your Acoustic Snare Drum Into a Practice Pad.

With the PCK-1 Practice Conversion Kit, you can turn your acoustic snare drum into a near-silent practice pad. This special package includes a patented 14-inch mesh head, an acoustic trigger with separate head/rim capabilities, and a rim silencer so you can practice naturally without disturbing others. Add an optional RM-2 Rhythm Coach training module for even more effective practice.


  • RT-5S Snare Trigger
  • 14-inch Mesh Head
  • Rubber Rim Silencer
  • RM-2 Mounting Bracket
  • Connection Cable (0.2 m / 7-7/8 inches)
    Accessory: Owner's Manual
    *Guide for installation: 11 to 15 mm / 7/16 to 5/8 inch from the upper edge of the rim to the height of the head

  • - Special kit turns a standard 14" acoustic snare drum into a near-silent practice pad
  • - New 14" mesh head with V-Pad design for more natural response and rebound
  • - Rubber rim silencer suppresses rim shot noise
  • - Includes RT-5S Snare Trigger for triggering separate head/rim sounds
  • - Expandable via optional RM-2 Rhythm Coach (mounting bracket included)
  • - Connect directly to a TD-Series brain or trigger MIDI modules with optional TMC-6 Trigger MIDI Converter
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Get the Feel Without the Noise

If you want a practice pad with natural feel and silent
response, the PCK-1 Practice Conversion Kit is for you. Just swap out your snare head with the 14-inch mesh head, and you'll get a response that's so realistic you'll hardly notice the difference! Best of all, the mesh-head design—coupled with the included rubber rim silencer—makes your snare quiet enough to practice at any hour.

Works Great with the RM-2 Rhythm Coach

The PCK-1 includes Roland's RT-5S Snare Trigger with separate head and rim triggering. This lets you connect your newly converted 14-inch snare to products like the RM-2 Rhythm Coach, an integrated metronome and sound module with onboard rhythm training exercises.

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