Marching Carrier Attachment

Wear the RMP-12 Like a Marching Drum


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Wear the RMP-12 Like a Marching Drum

Wear the RMP-12 like a marching drum with the OP-RMP12, which securely attaches the RMP-12 to a standard marching drum carrier with one quick action. It provides vertical angle adjustment so the drum can be tilted toward the player if desired.
>> RMP-12 Marching Percussion

  • - Attaches RMP-12 to standard marching drum carriers
  • - Attaches RMP-12 with one quick action
  • - Securely locks the RMP-12 for a solid performance
  • - Angle is adjustable vertically
  • - Allows the RMP-12 to be folded toward the player
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