KR-Intelligent Grand

The most advanced player piano ever

  • Progressive Hammer Action Keyboard
  • External VGA Output
  • XGlite
  • GS
  • GM2
  • ism
  • DigiScore

The most advanced player piano ever

The KR-17M combines incredibly expressive grand piano sound and an authentic piano touch with the sort of fun, advanced performance features only available in a digital piano from Roland. With its gorgeous exterior and the world's best digital sound technology inside, it is the finest piano Roland has ever made.

  • - The "moving-key" loaded KR Intelligent midi-Grand
  • - Improved sound system
  • - Versatile CD drive with handy remote control system
  • - Stereo AUX output for the Advanced 3D Surround sound
  • - Advanced Vocal Effects including improved Harmonist
  • - Roland's unique "DigiScore" features with full-color touchscreen display for new musical possibilities
  • - Music Assistant feature which is helpful function for auto-accompaniment setup
  • - Elegant polished ebony cabinet and a softly closing key cover mechanism, only available for the highest range models
Relevant product

Automatic keyboard movement and easy remote control: the life of the party

The superbly crafted KR-17M incorporates an exciting automatic keyboard movement mechanism that makes them the ideal instruments for parties-whether at a lounge, at a hall or in your living room. Simply select a Standard MIDI File (SMF) or other music file for playback, and let your guests enjoy watching the keys as they automatically “play” the music. You can enjoy a multi-genre automatic keyboard performance with some of the rich selection of preset songs, or by playing any of the vast library of commercially-available SMF data. Just play these, and the keys will automatically start moving with the song. And not only with piano music: the automatic keyboard works with many of the onboard instrument tones too. Just choose your favorite instrument and watch the keyboard go. Everyone loves to watch a player piano in action. Especially one as beautiful as a Roland Intelligent Grand. It'll be the life of the party. And more, you can start or stop the music, choose songs, adjust the volume or mute it, and control effects and other functions from a distance with the stylish remote for the KR-17M. By attaching an external display to piano, you can easily scroll through, read and select from the onscreen menus, even from across the room. It's ideal for parties: you control the background music-and the mood-without ever leaving the comfort of your sofa…or your conversation.

Built-in versatile CD drive

The built-in CD drive on the KR-17M comprises one of the finest and most luxurious music playback systems on earth. Not only can you play SMF data from floppy disks, you can also use the onboard CD drive to play SMF data recorded on CDs, so you'll never run out of songs to enjoy. And since the automatic keyboard function works with SMF music data, the keys move right along with the music. With your PC, create your own disc of favorite songs in SMF, and play it back with the built-in drive. By filling up the CD to capacity, you can keep your Intelligent Grand playing for hours. You can even insert your favorite audio CDs and enjoy listening to them too. The music is delivered through the instrument's stunning sound system-with a quality that will leave everyone speechless.

The best ever Vocal Effects

The KR-17M comes with Roland's newest advanced Vocal Effects-Echo, high-quality Harmonist, Voice Transformer and more. They're the ideal partners for beautiful and enjoyable singing. Simply attach a microphone, apply the Vocal Effects, and get ready for some entertainment. For example, using Voice Transformer, you can transform a woman's voice into that of a man, or change the voice to sound like a cartoon character. The high-quality Harmonist effect lets you add harmonies to your singing, for a realistic live backing chorus. The numerous Vocal Effects bring a whole new dimension of fun to the party. You'll love it!

External display for more playing options

By connecting your own external display or TV monitor* to the KR-17M, you can look at the large menus and icons from a distance, and select functions with the remote. On this model, when set up at a party, you and your guests can enjoy a larger, full-color score display of up to 16 measures. Or display the lyrics on the external monitor, and add your favorite bitmap background to suit your mood. *Requires commercially-available PC-to-TV scan converter. TV monitor must be equipped with video input jack.

The most responsive piano touch possible in a digital instrument

The keyboard on the KR-17M perfectly simulates the feel of an acoustic grand piano. It's Roland's unique, advanced Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard with Escapement, which gives you the same natural, responsive touch and playing performance as an acoustic grand. This mechanism faithfully reproduces the escapement characteristics of a grand piano, with the slight “click” feel to the keys. And because it uses hammers rather than springs, the keyboard realistically delivers every quality you'd demand from a world-class acoustic grand piano keyboard: a heavier touch in the lower range and lighter touch in the upper range; a lighter touch resistance on soft pianissimo passages and stronger touch resistance on fortissimo passages; and a vast touch difference between pianissimo and fortissimo, for a greater richness of expression. Its natural feel will let you express every delicate nuance of your fingers.

Perfect acoustic grand piano sound

The Intelligent Grand Series incorporates the very latest advances in stereo sampling and digital sound technology that Roland has made through decades of meticulously studying and reproducing every detail and nuance of piano sound. The KR-17M also incorporates Roland's remarkable new Active Acoustics, which virtually replicate the soundboard resonance vibration of an acoustic grand piano, producing a vibrant, deep, rich sound that's perfect for performances in a large hall. The KR-17M is as close as a digital piano can be to perfect acoustic grand piano sound. This is as good as it gets!

Advanced 3D Surround: just like on stage

Designed specially for the KR-17M, the Advanced 3D Surround sound system delivers dynamic, resonant sound of almost unbelievable presence. When external speakers are connected to this instrument, the sound takes on a three-dimensional quality that envelops the player-and everyone else in the room. The piano sound comes from the piano itself, while the accompanying parts come from the external speakers, making it sound just like you're playing live, surrounded by a band or orchestra. And because the reverb parts are also delivered through the external speakers, you'll feel enveloped in the rich, vibrant sound of a concert hall performance. Your Intelligent Grand will produce the most overwhelming presence and the most astonishing depth of sound you've ever experienced from a digital piano.

Full-color touchscreen and powerful intelligent piano features

The KR-17M also offers the best of Roland's digital intelligent piano features for playing enjoyment. It includes the Roland's unique DigiScore with Touch the Notes, Music Assistant which is great help function for Auto-accompaniment setup and well-accepted Wonderland feature …etc. Thanks to the full-color touchscreen, numerous delightful features of the KR-17M can be accessed easily with ultra-intuitive user interface.


88 keys (Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard with Escapement), Automatic Keyboard Movement
Touch Sensitivity
100 levels
Keyboard Mode
Whole, Split (adjustable split point), Layer, Arranger, Piano Style Arranger, Manual, Drums / SFX

Sound Source (Conforms to GM2 / GS / XGlite)

Max. Polyphony
128 voices
Tones (Tone Search by terms and by letters)
6 groups 691 variations (including 16 drum sets, 2 SFX sets)
8 types, selectable tonic
Key Transposition (-6-+5 semitone steps), Playback Transposition (-24-+24 semitone steps)
Reverb (16 types, 127 levels), Chorus (8 types, 127 levels), Sympathetic Resonance, Rotary and 45 other types, Advanced 3D Surround, Physical Damper Simulation (Advanced Resonance)
5 bands, Master level


Music Styles
6 groups 231 styles x 4 types (Style Orchestrator)
Music Assistant
Over 140 sets x 4 presets
Programmable Music Styles
Style Converter, Style Composer
Melody Intelligence
24 types

User Programs

Max. 99 sets

Rhythm Partner (Metronome, Rhythm)

Quarter note = 20-250
2/2, 0/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 3/8, 6/8, 9/8, 12/8
10 levels
Metronome Pattern
11 patterns
Metronome Sound
8 types
Rhythm Pattern
59 patterns


5 tracks / 16 tracks
1 song
Recording Method
Realtime (Replace, Mix, Auto Punch In, Manual Punch In, Loop, Tempo), Step (Chord Sequencer), Beat Map
Copy, Quantize, Delete, Insert, Erase, Transpose, Part Exchange, Note Edit, PC Edit

Other Functions

Touch the Notes, Replay, Select Various Tones, Song Stylist, Session Partner, Wonderland/Game, Quick Tour, Audition, Panel Lock, Score Output

Disk Drive / Disk Storage (3.5 inch Micro Floppy Disk)

Playable Song Format
Song: Standard MIDI Files (Format 0/1), Roland Original Format (i-Format), Music Style: MSA, MSD, MSE
Song: Standard MIDI Files (Format 0), Roland Original Format (i-Format), Music Style: MSE

CD Drive (Read only)

Playable Disc
Audio CD (CD-DA), Data CD (SMF)

Internal Memory

Internal Songs (Song Search by terms and by letters)
Over 170 songs
User Memory
Max. 200 songs on Favorites, Max. 99 User Styles, Max. 99 User Program Sets


Rated Power Output
70 W x 4
20 cm x 2, 16 cm x 2, 8 cm x 2, 5 cm x 2
Bouncing Beat Indicator, Graphical Color LCD 320 x 240 dot (backlit LCD, touchscreen)
Score Display
Grand staff / G Clef staff / F Clef staff, with note name / lyrics / chords / fingering
English / Japanese / German / French / Spanish
Yes (built-in/external display, MIDI output)
Volume, Brilliance, Volume Balance, Contrast, Mic Volume, Remote Controller
Damper Pedal (half-pedal recognition), Soft Pedal (half-pedal recognition, 36 functions assignable), Sostenuto Pedal (36 functions assignable)
Vocal Effects
Echo, Voice Transformer, Vocal Keyboard, Harmonist
Output jacks (L/Mono, R), AUX Output jacks (L/Mono, R), Input jacks (L/Mono, R), Mic Input jack, Headphones jack (Stereo) x 2, MIDI In connector, MIDI Out connector, Computer connector, Pedal connector (8-pin DIN type), Expression Pedal jack, Ext Display connector (15-pin D-Sub type)
Power Consumption
330 W
Cabinet Finish
Polished Ebony
Quick Start, Owner's Manual, Roland 60 Classical Piano Masterpieces, Sixty Favorite Selections, CD (Music Data Disc with vocals), Remote Controller, Dry-cell Batteries, AC cord, Maintenance Kit, Key Cover

Size and Weight ((including piano stand) (with lid close))

Width (W)
1,502 mm59-3/16 inches
Depth (D)
1,580 mm62-1/4 inches
Height (H)
1,000 mm39-3/8 inches
230 kg507 lbs. 1 oz.

Size and Weight ((including piano stand) (with lid open))

Width (W)
1,502 mm59-3/16 inches
Depth (D)
1,580 mm62-1/4 inches
Height (H)
1,773 mm69-13/16 inches

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


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