V-Kick Trigger Pad

Natural Triggering with Double Pedal Support

Natural Triggering with Double Pedal Support

Roland’s time-tested KD-120 is the top-of-line V-Kick Trigger Pad. This 12" V-Kick offers natural and comfortable kick feel, and is compatible with double bass pedals (sold separately). The head tension can be adjusted to get the right feel, and the legs feature rubber tips with hidden spikes that can be pointed downward for more stability.

Color Variations >>
Black (KD-120BK) KD-120BK White (KD-120WT) KD-120WT

Out of Production Models >>
Red (KD-120RD) KD-120RD Purple (KD-120PL) KD-120PL

* Kick pedal is not included.
Pad Size
12 inches
Owner’s Manual, Connection Cable, Beater, Tuning Key
Mesh head (MH-12)

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


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