The Birth of a New Synth Star

  • GM2
  • D-BEAM


The successor to the JUNO-D is now available. Click here for info on the new JUNO-Di featuring battery operation for mobile use, over 1,000 Pro-quality sounds, song playback capability, Mic-input with effects, and more!

The Birth of a New Synth Star

Roland proudly announces the Juno-D — the most competitively priced and full-featured synthesizer in its class. Hundreds of new radio-ready sounds are packed into the Juno-D’s jet-black metal chassis, along with a world-class array of expressive multi-effects, realtime performance controllers, and tools for groove creation and composition. Considering how much power it packs for such little cash, the new Juno redefines the phrase “bang for the buck.”

  • - Affordable 61-note synthesizer with improved keyboard feel and GM2 compatibility
  • - 640 newly programmed radio-ready Patches, 22 Rhythm Sets, and 32 Preset Performances provided
  • - Patches organized in categories such as Piano, Guitar, Orchestra, etc.
  • - Two Tones can be assigned to each Patch, and can be split or layered
  • - 47 multi-effects, eight reverb types, 8 chorus types
  • - Powerful arpeggiator, with 400 phrase/arpeggio templates for instant sonic animation
  • - 24 Multi Chord memory for one-finger chord triggering; 32 Rhythm Guide metronome with preset patterns and variations
  • - D Beam controller and front-panel control knobs for expressive performance
  • - Mac/PC editing software included
  • * Please visit Roland JUNO series web pages for more information of full lineup of JUNO family including the latest model.

JUNO Series
Relevant product

Stellar Sounds, Streamlined Operation

Forget about MIDI and focus on playing with the Juno-D. It’s loaded with brand-new CD-quality sounds and direct-access buttons for selecting among the hundreds of patches. Enjoy the latest sounds, that can be layered and split in Performance mode. Those who want to program their own Juno-D sounds via computer, a Mac/PC editor is included.

Composition Tools

The Juno-D is loaded with convenient, performance-oriented features including a powerful phrase/arpeggio generator and Multi Chord memory function, which lets you play a chord by touching a single key. You can assign all 12 notes in an octave to play different chords, and then save them as a set. There are several chord sets already stored in the Juno-D at the factory. A Rhythm Guide metronome with real drum sounds is also built in, which includes preset patterns with several variations.

Performance Power

Performers will appreciate the feel of the Juno-D’s newly improved 61-note, velocity-sensitive keyboard, which is a step up from previous synths in this price range. Bend, twist, and manipulate your sounds in real time with the D Beam controller, pitch/modulation lever, and five front-panel control knobs. For additional control, plug in pedal- and/or footswitches such as Roland’s DP-2, DP-8 Damper pedal, EV-5 Expression pedal, or BOSS’s FS-5U.


61 keys (with velocity)

Sound Generator

Maximum Polyphony
64 voices
16 *Two Tones can be assigned to each part (Patch), and can be split or layered.
Wave Memory
32 M bytes (16-bit linear equivalent)
Preset Memory
Original Tones: 640
Preset Patches
640 (Original: 384, General MIDI 2: 256)
Preset Rhythm Sets
20 (Original: 11, General MIDI 2: 9)
Preset Performances
User Patches
128 * Two Tones can be assigned to each Patch.
User Rhythm Set
User Performances


47 types
8 types
8 types

Rhythm Guide

Preset Patterns
5 - 300 BPM (with tap tempo function)

Multi-Chord Memory

Preset Chord Sets
16 *12 chord forms are assigned to each set.
User Chord Sets
8 *12 chord forms can be assigned to each set.


User Templates
Styles (Variations)


D Beam Controller
Pitch Bend/Modulation Lever
Control Knobs
20 characters, 2 lines (Backlit LCD)


Output jacks (L/MONO, R), Headphones jack, MIDI Connectors (IN, OUT), Hold Pedal jack, Control Pedal jack

Power Supply

Power Supply
DC 9 V (AC Adaptor)
Current Draw
1,000 mA


Owner's Manual, AC Adaptor (ACI Series or PSB-1U), CD-ROM (Editor program for PC/Mac)


Pedal Switch: DP-2, DP-8, Foot Switch: BOSS FS-5U, Expression Pedal: EV-5

Size and Weight

Width (W)
1,021 mm40-1/4 inches
Depth (D)
292 mm11-1/2 inches
Height (H)
103 mm4-1/16 inches
5.0 kg11 lbs. 1 oz.

(weight excluding AC adaptor)

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


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