eBand JS-8

Audio Player with Guitar Effects

The Ultimate Jam-Along Companion for Guitarists

  • USB Memory
  • USB
  • COSM


(Nov. 27, 2013)
You can download the driver Ver.1.0.1 for Windows 8 / 8.1

(Feb. 8, 2013)
BOSS Pedal Sketch Version 2.1.0 Now Available on the App Store!

(Jun. 1, 2012)
The eBand JS-8's successor has arrived! Meet the new eBand JS-10 New-Generation Jam Band with Full-Range 2.1 Sound!

(Mar. 25, 2011)
Compatibility information of SD/SDHC cards

The Ultimate Jam-Along Companion for Guitarists

For “bedroom guitarists” who love jamming along with their favorite songs, the ultimate musical companion has arrived. eBand is a portable all-in-one audio player that’s packed with big features. WAV and MP3 files can be loaded and played by eBand, and the tempo and pitch can be changed. Plug in your guitar and jam along using the powerful onboard COSM preamp and BOSS effects. You can minimize the pre-recorded vocals or guitar parts with the Center Cancel feature for minus-one play, and record and save your jams. There’s even a library of backing tracks and rhythms onboard, plus a built-in tuner and metronome.

eBand JS-8 Interactive Tour

Visit the eBand JS-8 Interactive Tour
featuring the sounds, videos, and more details.

  • - Imports and plays audio files (WAV and MP3)
  • - Pitch and tempo control of imported songs
  • - Guitar/Mic input with dedicated input control; headphone output
  • - Custom-tuned speakers for powerful playback
  • - COSM Preamp and 100+ effects derived from BOSS GT-10
  • - EZ Tone function provides the ultimate easy-to-use, intuitive approach to sound creation based on graphic icons
  • - 300 audio-loop phrases onboard for backing tracks and rhythms (some include companion guitar effects pre-programmed to match the loops)
  • - Tuner and metronome built in
  • - Records and saves your guitar performances
  • - USB audio interface for direct link to and from PCs
  • - Play songs from USB memory stick
  • - Import your favorite songs from audio CD to eBand with included utility software (PC/Mac)

BOSS FX Onboard

eBand is loaded with high-quality BOSS effects derived from the GT-10, including over 100 powerful guitar sounds that span a variety of genres. It also features the famous COSM preamp from the GT-10. Using eBand’s Guitar/Mic input, you can apply the internal processing to your guitar or voice.

EZ TONE Sound Wizard

Creating your own sounds is simple with eBand. The EZ TONE feature provides a quick, intuitive approach to tone creation based on graphic icons and a Tone Grid. You’ll be programming at the speed of sound!

Memory-Card Compatibility

SDHC memory cards of up to 32GB can be plugged into eBand, letting you store thousands of WAV/MP3-format songs per card. eBand also lets you play WAV/MP3 files directly from USB memory stick, expanding your data storage and file-management options. (eBand comes with a 1GB SD card)

Convenient Phrase Trainer

Phrase Trainer is a feature packed function convenient for practicing phrases from imported songs. Phrase Trainer includes functions to control pitch and tempo of imported songs, Center Cancel for minimizing the guitar or vocal parts from pre-recorded audio, and AB repeat. Now you can learn phrases without feeling any stress!

USB Audio Interface

eBand can be used as a USB audio interface, allowing the audio signals from eBand (audio-player sound + live guitar/vocal sound) to be transferred to PC via USB. As a result, eBand audio can be recorded into DAW software on your PC. Furthermore, audio from PC can be played back on eBand. This means eBand can function as USB speakers for your PC.

Cool Extras

There are many other notable features packed into eBand, including an internal recorder for capturing your guitar performances as you play along with songs or backing tracks. And speaking of backing tracks, 300 audio-loop phrases are onboard for jam-along inspiration. Of course eBand is also equipped with the essential built-in tuner and metronome.

Memory Capacity
Depends on the SD/SDHC Card (128 MB — 32 GB)
Data Type
JS-8 Songs (Recording/Playback), MP3 (Bit rate: 64 kbps — 320 kbps, Playback only), WAV (Quantization Bit Rate: 8/16/24-bit, Playback only)
External Memory
USB Memory
AD Conversion
24-bit + AF method* (GUITAR/MIC IN), 24-bit (LINE IN)
DA Conversion
Sampling Frequency
44.1 kHz
Effect Patch Memories
Preset: 130, User: 100
Effect Types
AMP (Amp Modeling)
EQ (Equalizer)
NS (Noise Suppressor)
Recording Time
JS-8 Songs: 250 min. (1GB), 8,060 min. (32GB)
WAV/16-bit/Stereo: 90 min. (1GB), 3,020 min. (32GB)
MP3/128 kbps/Stereo: 1,040 min. (1GB), 33,330 min. (32GB)
* The above-listed capacities are approximate. Times may be slightly shorter depending on the number of songs that were created.
Nominal Input Level
Input Impedance
AUX IN: 22 k ohms
Nominal Output Level
PHONES: -10 dBu, LINE OUT: -10 dBu
Output Impedance
PHONES: 44 ohms, LINE OUT: 1 k ohm
Internal Speaker
132 x 64 dots graphic LCD (with backlit)
Supports file transfer (mass storage class) and audio
GUITAR/MIC IN (1/4 inch phone type), AUX IN (Stereo miniature phone type), PHONES (Stereo miniature phone type), LINE OUT (RCA phono type), EXP PEDAL/CTL 1,2 (1/4 inch TRS phone type), USB Memory (USB A), USB (USB B), DC IN
Current Draw
400 mA
AC adaptor (PSB-1U), SD card, USB Cable, Owner’s Manual, Roland Service (Information Sheet)
Footswitch (FS-5U), Dual Footswitch (FS-6), Expression Pedal (FV-500L, FV-500H, Roland EV-5), Footswitch Cable (Roland PCS-31L)

System Requirements

OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP SP3 or later, Microsoft® Windows Vista® SP2 or later, Microsoft® Windows® 7
※Editor does not support Windows® XP Media Center Edition.
CPU/Clock: Intel® Core™/Pentium® or Pentium compatible processor 1GHz or higher
RAM: 512 MB or more
※1GB or more when using Windows Vista or Windows 7
Hard Disk: 12MB or more
Display/Colors: 1024 x 768/65536 colors (16 bit High Color) or more
Others: CD-ROM Drive, USB Port
OS: Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later
CPU: Intel® Core™/Xeon®, PowerPC G5
RAM: 512MB or more
※1GB or more when using Mac OS X 10.5 or later
Hard Disk: 25MB or more
Display/Colors: 1024 x 768/32,000 colors or higher
Others: CD-ROM Drive, USB Port

Size and Weight

Width (W)
264 mm10-7/16 inches
Depth (D)
166 mm6-9/16 inches
Height (H)
201 mm7-15/16 inches
1.7 kg3 lbs. 12 oz.

* Weight excluding AC adaptor

* 0 dBu = 0.775 Vrms

* AF (Adaptive Focus) method: Adaptive Focus is a unique Roland/BOSS technology that allows the signal noise (S/N) ratios of AD converter to be vastly improved.

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