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Looks Classy. Rocks Hard.

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The successor to the GT-6 is now available. Meet the new flagship of the BOSS multi-effects family, GT-10!

Looks Classy. Rocks Hard.

From its striking gold chassis to its lavish array of knobs and pedals, BOSS has outdone itself again with the new GT-6 Guitar Effects Processor. And that's just what's on the outside, because under the hood is the most advanced COSM modeling engine ever created—complete with 30 amp models, plus all-new COSM Distortion/Overdrive Pedal Modeling and Wah Modeling. Add to this all-new effects like "Uni-V" and "De-Fretter," plus superb sound quality, and you've got the most powerful floor-based multiple effects processor in history.

  • - Flagship floor-based guitar effects processor with advanced COSM preamp
  • - 24-bit converters and coaxial digital output for recording applications
  • - 30 COSM amp models, plus new Distortion/Overdrive Pedal Modeling (15 types) and Wah Modeling (5 types)
  • - 340 programs—more than any other pedal in its class!
  • - Customize function for creating new amp types, distortion and wah pedals
  • - Easy, analog-style control; 15 knobs for editing commonly used parameters
  • - New "Uni-V" and "De-Fretter" effects for unique phase shifting vibrato and fretless guitar sounds, respectively
  • - Improved Feedbacker effect uses modeling to create controllable authentic feedback sounds at any volume
  • - EZ Tone feature for creating custom patches based on 30 templates
  • - 8 types of output choices like JC-120, Combo Amp, Amp Stack and more
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8 types of output choices like JC-120, Combo Amp, Amp Stack and more

Rather than adding a few bells and whistles, BOSS completely refined the GT-6's COSM engine to include 30 of the finest amp and speaker cabinet models ever—from vintage classics to modern screamers. Then BOSS took the GT-6 even further by offering killer new Overdrive/Distortion Modeling (15 types of classic distortion and overdrive pedals) and COSM Wah Modeling (5 types of vintage and modern wah pedals). And with the GT-6's Customize function, you can build your own amp and speaker models, along with distortion units and wah pedals.

Intuitive Operation.

Even with all its great presets, chances are you'll be anxious to create your own signature tones. The GT-6 offers 15 knobs set up to control the Amp/Speaker models, Overdrive/Distortion, and other primary effects. An EZ Tone feature even helps you create new sounds from scratch.

24-bit Sound, New Effects, Flexible Outputs and More.

Why did BOSS build the GT-6 with 24-bit converters? Because we wanted its effects to sound stellar. And speaking of effects, in addition to chorus, delay, reverb, phasing, flanging, tremolo, pitch shifting, Slicer, Acoustic Simulator and more, the GT-6 is the first BOSS unit to offer new “Uni-V” and “De-Fretter” effects, which provide phase shifting/ vibrato effects and simulate the sound of a “fretless” guitar, respectively. And with coaxial digital outputs and eight output select options including combos, amp stacks and effects loops, you won’t find a more flexible pedalboard for the studio or stage.

AD Conversion
24-bit + AF Method*
DA Conversion
Sampling Frequency
Program Memories
340: 140(User) + 200(Preset)
Nominal Input Level
INPUT: -10dBu
RETURN: -10dBu
Input Impedance
INPUT: 1M ohms
RETURN: 220k ohms
Nominal Output Level
SEND: -10dBu
Output Impedance
OUTPUT: 2k ohms
SEND: 2k ohms
Digital Output
Dynamic Range
100dB or greater (IHF-A)
Input Jack
Output Jacks L (MONO)/R
Phones Jack
Send Jack
Return Jack
Digital Out Connector (coaxial)
Sub EXP Pedal/Sub CTL Pedal 1,2 Jack
MIDI connectors IN/OUT
AC Adaptor Jack
Power Supply
AC 14V: Supply AC Adaptor (BOSS BRC Series)
Current Draw
AC Adaptor (BRC Series)

Size and Weight

Width (W)
515 mm20-5/16 inches
Depth (D)
261 mm10-5/16 inches
Height (H)
75 mm3 inches
4.7 kg10 lbs. 6 oz.

* 0 dBu = 0.775 Vrms
* AF method (Adaptive Focus method)
This is a proprietary method from Roland that vastly improves the signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio of the A/D and D/A converters.

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


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