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Roland's Ultimate Guitar Synth.

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Please check the latest GR-55 featuring two PCM synthesizers, COSM guitar modeling, EZ Edit, USB audio playback, and more!

Roland's Ultimate Guitar Synth.

The GR-33 Guitar Synthesizer greatly expands the range and quality of sounds currently available to guitar players, thanks to Roland's legendary sound engine. This rich engine opens up a whole new world of sounds for guitarists—sounds that can be layered with two Tones each. Everything from incredibly realistic strings, fat analog basses, vintage synths, nylon-string guitars or even sound effects can be used to transform any GK-equipped guitar into an entirely new instrument for recording, MIDI sequencing or live performance.

  • - Futuristic floor-based guitar synth with 384 stunning instrument sounds (tones)
  • - Ultra-fast triggering with any steel-string guitar via user-installable GK-2A Divided Pickup (sold separately)
  • - Sound source derived from Roland's professional synthesizer modules—a worldwide standard
  • - Dedicated Chorus and Reverb processing, plus 40 Multi-FX including rotary, overdrive, etc.
  • - Output Select switch permits use with conventional guitar amps or power amps
  • - Onboard arpeggiator allows for quick creation of various arpeggios
  • - Synth Harmonist feature adds "intelligent" harmony to a single note
  • - Gives guitarists access to the world of MIDI music, computer-based sequencing, etc.

Blend Synth and "Straight" Sounds

Want to hear the future of guitar? Then just plug into a GR-33 and blend the sound of your standard guitar pickups with that of the GR-33's impressive synth engine. Layer a killer organ over your favorite guitar amp or external effects, or tap into the GR-33's onboard Arpeggiator and Intelligent Pitch Shifter to create incredible dreamy or textural tones. A whole new world of sound awaits.

Packed with Killer Effects and Helpful Features

In addition to its dedicated Reverb and Chorus processing, the GR-33 offers an onboard Multi-FX processor with 40 insert effects including overdrive, distortion, rotary and much more. There are also four on/off pedals and an assignable expression pedal for quick realtime Patch selection and tweaking. A stereo return input makes it easy to route a guitar from an external effects processor to the GR-33, while an Output Select switch permits connection to a guitar amp or power amp.

Max. polyphony
Internal Memory
384 tones, 256 patches (Preset:128, User:128)
Built-in Effects
40 insert Multi-FX, Chorus, Reverb
MIX Outputs L (Headphones) /R (Mono), Return L/R (Mono), Guitar Out, Bank Shift, GK in, MIDI (In, Out), AC IN
Power Supply
AC 14 V
GK Cable C-13A (5 m), AC Adaptor (BRC Series)
Divided pickup (GK-2A,GK-3), GK Cable (GKC-10/5/3), Pedal Switch (FS-5U)

Size and Weight (excl. AC Adaptor)

Width (W)
435 mm17-1/8 inches
Depth (D)
280 mm11-1/16 inches
Height (H)
95 mm3-3/4 inches
2.5 kg5 lbs. 9 oz.

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